Many a time we find ourselves wearing certain clothes just because they make us feel good. It could be because we feel more confident in them, more attractive or just because they’re our lucky outfit. We all can understand, but it turns out that we really should be focusing on our jewelry instead of our clothes when it comes to what makes us feel good.

Because as it turns out that wearing silver and gold jewelry specifically actually has a lot to do with our mood, how we form bones and even how we heal. Yes, it’s bizarre I know but science backs it up and when you really think about it, you’ll believe it as well. Here are the health benefits of wearing your favorite quality jewelry.


Health Benefits of Silver:


Helps Fight off Infections

Silver actually has been used all throughout history to help fight infections and even help prevent cold and flu because of how powerful it is as an antimicrobial agent. It also helps your body maintain a healthy immunity. Just by wearing good quality silver you can feel more confident about not catching that cold during flu season. That’s because it has positively charged ions that can bind to negatively charged oxygen receptors found in bacteria, neutralizing it. This is how silver can help your body fight against diseases.

Silver also has anti-viral properties that led to women and men wearing silver all throughout history to ward off infection. This happens because it reacts and changes color when it comes in contact with chemical toxins, so it physically shows us when we come in contact with something toxic.


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Regulates Internal Body Heat and Circulation

Yes, silver can help regulate your body temperature which can be useful during the summer when our bodies have the tendency of overheating. Silver also has a role in regulating your blood circulation, enhancing it so your organs and all parts of your skin get all the nutrients it needs. This is because of silver’s electrical and thermal conductivity.

Positively-charged silver ions can reflect electromagnetic radiation away from your body by creating a conductive field. Just think of it as the silver creating this magical force field around you shielding you and your energy from any bad mojo from the outside world.  This, in turn, stimulates your natural conductivity and improves your mood, blood circulation and balances your body temperature.

Balances Energy and healing

I noticed this one the most because whenever I put on my favorite silver piece of jewelry I find my mood is great the whole day, and I never knew why until now. This is due to silver’s natural properties that can counterbalance the outside electrical disturbances disrupting your body’s energy and mood without you even realizing. (again, shielding you from bad outside mojo)

Wearing silver can also keep your blood vessels elastic which means it plays a role in bone formation, skin repair as well as healing. You can even use your silver jewelry in your meditation practice or yoga as this precious metal can alleviate your anxiety and give you an overall sense of calm.

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Health Benefits of Gold:


Improves Rheumatoid Symptoms

Gold was actually believed to have healing properties that allowed it to be used medicinally in ancient times. Gold is also known to be one of the world’s completely non-toxic substances that no matter how long you use, it won’t lead to side effects.

Another thing we know is because of the extensive research that was done about it, is the use of gold to alleviate symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, the autoimmune disease affecting joints. Just by wearing 24-karat gold directly on their skin, a significant percentage of people with Rheumatoid had their symptoms improved.

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Alleviates Soreness

Another great way that wearing gold can help your body heal is by applying it on an area that is infected or sore. Because gold has this relaxing effect on our blood vessels, boosting our circulation. This means when your blood flows more freely your oxygen is regulated in the body which is a major reason why gold helps our bodies heal.

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Regulate Body Temperature

Next time your time of the month comes around and you get those unearthly hot and cold flashes just put on your gold jewelry and say hello to regular body temperature. This is because gold is an excellent body heat regulator protecting you from outside heat variation. This is essential for a healthy immunity as your immune system works best under stable body temperature


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