When it comes to laundry, we all know the struggle is real. We’ve realized that there are 3 main reasons people dislike doing their laundry and we’re here to tell you their solutions are easier than you think. You do your best, so you deserve the best ever. So you should know that it all starts with a high performing gel to remove the most stubborn stain, give your clothes lasting freshness and preserve the quality of your most cherished garments.

Let’s face it, you work so hard you deserve to have your laundry done just the way you like it in the comfort of your own home. and that is what Persil Premium is, the best Persil ever.

Getting out Grease/ Oil Stains

Not all stains can be removed at the dry cleaners. If anything, the chemicals the dry cleaners use can actually make your stain even more permanent, dooming it forever.

Your best bet in getting these stains (and any other stain) out is to use a premium cleaning gel such as Persil Premium, that specializes in stain removal. This Persil’s formula is a superior stain remover and will get out even the toughest most stubborn stains from your favorite clothes.


Beds Sheets That Don’t Smell Fresh

Persil Premium will actually infuse your clothes, bed sheets and anything you wash with a premium perfume that will last up to 4 weeks. Now, you can enjoy your sheets smelling fresh and clean for a lot longer.


Your Nicest Most Expensive Clothes

You don’t need to take your most cherished clothes to the dry cleaners, because that could actually ruin your clothes. Cleaning them in the safety of your own washing machine is your best bet. Use Persil Premium and you won’t have to worry about your most precious clothes again. It’s specifically to take care of your most cherished clothes, to make sure they don’t get ruined in the wash.


Persil has truly given us the light at the end of this laundry filled tunnel. It’s like they’ve been listening to all our laundry struggles all these years and now they’ve found the best way to solve them. Head to the Persil page for all the updates and visit your nearest hypermarket to see for your self the solution to your laundry struggles.