The beginning of the year is always the perfect time to go out with the old and in with the new. What better place to apply this philosophy than the space you spend most of your time in, your home. What most of us don’t realize is that energy cumulates in our homes, our rooms and our offices, we build up a lot of negative energy that needs to be cleared every once in a while. Follow our easy 3-step guide to renew the energy in your space and start the year with a reenergized, clear, positive space.


1. Clear out any clutter

The room corner piled with stuff you don’t know where to put and the huge pile of laundry you promise you’ll do this weekend don’t only look bad, but they attract a lot of negative energy. It’s important to constantly clean your space because every time you clean, you’re actually getting rid of negative energy. Vacuuming and tidying up should be a regular chore in your house, from the tiniest doorknob to the window, all items in your house absorb energy so it’s important to always clean and organize everything in your space. Getting rid of things you no longer need will help you stay organized and away from clusters of things that don’t belong anywhere and piles of laundry that are way overdue.



2. Cleanse the energy

Your space absorbs the energy and emotions that occur in it. Think of it as a big jar that keeps collecting all the negative thoughts, occurrences and stress that it experiences. All the negativity that happens in your space is absorbed and remains there until you cleanse the space and release all the negativity. So, how do you get rid of the accumulated negative energy? After cleaning out your space and organizing it, the next step is Space Cleansing.

  • Set your intentions. First and foremost, the cleanse starts with you. Decide that you will clean your space. Put your mind to it and start doing it.
  • Burn Sage. It helps remove negative energy from your home, either burn sage in every room or walk around your whole house to spread the incense. Be sure to open a window after to allow for fresh air and sunlight to enter and re-energize your space.stocksnap_5c9084cbea
  • Use Salt. Another method that clears out bad energy is using Salt. You can scatter some salt or salt water on items such as carpets, desks or anything you feel has absorbed negative energy, for a few hours and then clean it. Or you can put bowls or cups of salt in the corners of the room and remove after a few hours. Salt has a natural ability to absorb the negative energy that lingers around.
  • Broken things. Remember the saying “birds of the same feather flock together,” the same applies to energy. Broken things attract broken energy that could affect your health or your finances. As part of your cleansing process, it’s important to fix or get rid of anything broken to remove the broken energy from your space
  • Black tourmaline. This stone absorbs the negative energy around it, whether it’s from people or from things. To use this, place a stone in the corners of each room to prevent negative energy from entering the space and to help cleanse



3. Feng shui

Feng shui is an ancient system that believes in balancing energy using specific placement of things, to make sure the energy flow in the space promotes overall well-being. Yes, something as simple as rearranging your furniture is enough to reenergize your home and get rid of the negative energy stored away. For easy and doable ways to Feng Shui your home, check out these 9 simple tips




Photo credit: mindbodygreen