In this day and age, with Netflix and Facetime, it’s easier to spot a real-life unicorn than find a family having quality time together over a proper meal on the dinning table. We’ve all grown accustomed to eating while binging our favorite shows. Or worse, sitting at the dinner table but not paying attention to what’s actually happening because everyone’s more into their phones than the family surrounding them.

To that, we say no more. We want to show you a few tips you can follow to always have quality time with your family and friends no matter the occasion around el Sufra! We want to thank Almarai for inspiring this article with their new campaign “Sufret Almarai” aimed to help people reconnect again around the dining table creating memories that will last forever.


Eat on The Actual Dining Table

This might seem as a no brainer but I bet if I asked you when was the last time you ate on that dining table with your family you’ll either say last day of Ramadan or not remember at all. We all think we eat breakfast, lunch or dinner together while in reality, we eat it alone while watching television or scrolling through our phones. This not only ingrains in your body really bad eating habits, but it’s also not great for your digestion.

So the first step is to make sure every meal you eat together is on the dining table, away from the television. There is no point if you all come together on the table to eat and bond only to sit in silence watching the T.V.


No Tech. Rule

Speaking of television,  it will not come as a surprise to know that the second step you need to take to reconnect with those arround you is to enforce a no technology rule when it comes to dinner time. We initally felt that social media brings us closer together which was true at first. But scrolling through Facebook Memes is not connecting, especially when you do it while eating with your family.

Make sure that no one brings their phones, apple watches or anything else they can receive a notification on with them on the dinning table. That way, nothing can distract them from the people around them and you’ll be able to bond with your loved ones over a delicious meal.


Cook Real Food

By real food we mean nutiritious meals that warm hearts and benefit the body. It’s hard to bond together around the dining table over a single-use plate of fast un-nutritional food. Cooking real meals for your loved ones is also one of the best ways to show them how much you love them and care for their health. Ordering fast food will hardly inspire quality time together, it’s more for the days you end up eating dinner infront of the television.


Start by incorporating Almarai in your food and every meal you make will not only taste heavenly, but its smell alone will be enough to draw your family towards the dinner table. If you’re looking for some recipes to start you off, Sufret Almarai have some great ones made by their ambassador and our favorite chef, May Yaccoubi. You can check their Kobeba with Rayeb recipe here. You can follow Sufret Almarai for more recipes here.

Infact, if you use Almarai products to cook these taste bud worthy recipes for your friends and family, you can take a picture and tag Sufret Almarai account to get featured. So, make sure you’re following them on Instagram and Facebook to keep an eye out for that.


You might not realise this but spending time with your loved ones on the dining table is one of the best ways you can spend time with your family and friends. Wisdom is passed down through the generations usually around the dinner table. No matter how busy your day gets, you have to make time for good old quality time spent eating on the dining table with those you care about the most in life. It’s not only great for your health to eat good home made delicious food, it’s essential for your soul to reconnect and bond with your family and loved ones.