One of the best things about working in The Daily Crisp is having a boss that not only is more like a big sister in the way she leads by example but also inspires you every day in her honest approach to everyday life. This is why this particular article is close to our hearts because it truly showcases how one woman can inspire so many of us to be better human beings every day.

I asked Fayrouz Eid, our Editor In Chief,  about what it felt turning 30 (she never shies away when it comes to talking about her age, or anything else really) and if anything changed since then and surprisingly we came up with actually way more than just 30 things that changed in her life and herself once she turned 30!

1. One of the first things that changed as I turned 30 is my relationship with my parents. I cherish and appreciate our relationship a lot more and I can relate to them more now, and it’s more of a friendship than a parents daughter sort of relationship.

2. I started to invest my money more on skin and hair care instead of splurging it all on clothes like I used to in my 20s. I realized the power of a good facial, and how buying the right hair product can make all the difference, and befriending my hair was the best thing I could do.

3. I realized the importance of being friends with my kids starting at a really young age, I don’t want to waste time till they’re older to start being their friend, I take them out to one on one lunch dates and talk to them just like I would  with my best friend and I feel it’s making all the difference in our relationship.

4. I finally learned how to NOT kill my house plant.

5. I started working on myself more. Personal growth is an ongoing process in my life, whether it’s in my career, education, or personal life. Self-development is now a top priority.

6. I stopped taking my metabolism for granted.

7. I finally understand Carrie Bradshaw’s obsession with shoes.  It’s wondrous what a good pair of shoes does to your entire outfit (and how you feel wearing them too).

8. I learned to show appreciation more to the people around me. You can appreciate them all you want but if you never show it, they’ll never know.

9. I learned that the best anti-aging product I could use is sunscreen, I apply it religiously!

10. It took me many adult years to realize that only I can define what being feminine is, and it’s not how you look or dress.

11. I’ve come to realize that things happen to you or for you only when you are ready for them, and that’s all what you need to get through anything is within you.

12. Life is actually so much better when you stop caring about what others think of you.

13. I force myself out of my comfort zone a lot more now than when I was younger.

14. I learned if you find peace from within, happiness will follow.

15. Prayers will save you.

16. But you also have to change for things to change. Only you have the power to be your own hero, and that applies to relationships as well, only you can make you happy and you should never depend on your partner for happiness. Be with someone that makes you happier but isn’t the only source for your happiness.

17. I learned to be kind to myself in my thoughts and my actions.

18. I realized that the best confidence a girl can have is to just be HER(unfiltered)SELF!

19. I made a major decision that really helped me to grow and thrive: I Stopped waiting for people’s validation.

20. I discovered that my love for sunset is something that I should take more seriously!

21. I learned to really indulge in the smaller things in life, a good cup of coffee with a friend or a bubble bath with my favorite scented candle burning. These small pleasures of life are sometimes all you need to unwind after a long hectic day.

22.  I’m a lot more comfortable in my own skin than I ever was my whole life, even though I’m not nearly as fit as I used to be, I’m my body’s friend now.

23. I realized the power of using scents when it comes to memories. I don’t just rely on pictures of my trips anymore to really take me back, I use scents. I pack one perfume with me for the trip and I apply nothing else, that way when I go home and want to remember my time there, I spray it and it works like magic.

24. One of the most important things in life is to surround yourself with people who believe in you and support you. This is invaluable.

25. CONSISTENCY is the key to succeed in everything that I do.

26. I learned to help other women out and not get stuck in the vicious cycle of comparison. When you see the women around you as your tribe instead of your competition, all of you bloom and thrive!

27. I cherish my friendships more now and put in more effort to maintain them; I invest more in the relationships that matter to me. A simple message to a friend to just ask about them or tell them that you miss them is sometimes all the effort you need to put in an adult friendship.

28. I stopped feeling guilty for wanting time for myself as a mom. I learned that I can’t pour from an empty cup and if I want to give my kids the best loving home there is, I have to be overfilling with love myself!

29. Gratitude.

30. I finally learned the power of vulnerability, I used to think of it as a weakness, but I found out it’s the exact opposite.


We know we said they were just 30, but the lessons learned just kept overflowing and we felt we couldn’t hold these back from you! Plus, if you know Fayrouz like we do, you’ll know she hardly plays by the rule hehe (sorry not sorry)

31. There is nothing like the feeling I get when I know it’s time to go home, to my own space. I learned the power of loving the energy of where you live, it’s a game changer.

32. I learned to stop judging, nothing stays the same forever.

33. Therapy is actually very important in some phases of your life and you should never shy away from it.

34. I learned to not run away from my feelings and feel whatever I need to feel in order to move on from it. I found out that journaling about it is actually the best trick to acquaint yourself with your feelings and it can be all the therapy you need.

35. I believe in my relationship with the Universe now more than ever, and the law of attraction with each passing day.

36. I’m still learning to say No more, I realized it’s not as hard as I thought it would be and I’m getting better at it.

37. My gut feeling will never fail me.

38. For the longest time, I used to try my hardest to fit in. I used to straighten my hair and deny how much I was build to stand out. Now, I embrace my mane and embrace myself completely.

39. I’ve found out that I was always my ONLY limit, that nothing else was holding me back except me. I don’t anymore.

40. You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option. (she also loves anything cliche)


Whether you are in your 30s or not, we believe these are lessons that we all need to know at one point of our lives, and we’re so grateful Fayrouz was willing to share them with the world.