Our editor-in-chief, Fayrouz Eid has been going above and beyond the call of duty. And yeah, we know we might be a little biased, but time and time again she’s shown us that the word “limit” isn’t even in her vocabulary.   

So, what’s her secret?  

Two words: Personal growth. 

It’s a lot harder than it sounds though. So don’t roll your eyes. There’s a whole 4 step decision-making process involved. But, lucky for you,  it’s tried and tested by our own resident superwoman. So, here’s Fayrouz’s personal growth journey explained and dedicated to everyone out there who wants to grow, shift their mindset and attract positivity. 


1-Stop Complaining

Before becoming the powerhouse that she is today Fayrouz admits that she used to complain a lot. When you complain you give power to the person you’re complaining to in the hopes that they solve your problem. But you end up stripping your own self of that power. Fayrouz points out that instead of wasting your time complaining to others you should be working towards a solution. Because when you think about it, you’re in that situation for a reason. It’s up to you and no one else to figure a way out.  So take back that power,  stop complaining and put your thinking cap on.   

2- Stop Blaming Others For Your Problems

When you play the blame game you’re giving people too much power. Fayrouz stopped doing that and took her power back. If you’re not happy with your current situation, don’t just blame it on people or the circumstances. And don’t blame yourself either. Take responsibility for your actions and do something about it. Try to find a solution rather than a scapegoat. 

3- Visualize the Life you Want for Yourself

Some people are skeptical about visualization and the law of attraction. But it’s not a shallow concept. IT WORKS. Whatever you imagine, think of, write down, wish for and work for, will happen. Fayrouz says that nowadays she doesn’t think something is unachievable. If she has a goal or a dream, she writes it down, works really hard towards it and it eventually comes true. 

Visualization does require some forward-thinking, don’t get it mixed up with daydreaming though because there’s a whole lot of work involved! 

 4-Read, Read and Read

Fayrouz was never really a bookworm but she knows that reading is a game-changer. Personal growth and reading go hand in hand. Books show us that we aren’t alone, they articulate feelings and emotions that we couldn’t do ourselves. A book might give insight into things we didn’t know about ourselves or others. Books expand our minds, allowing us to not only think and see things differently but eventually to act differently. Well, what are you waiting for? Pick up a book and get cozy!  


We’re pretty sure Fayrouz’s wisdom doesn’t stop there. But these four steps are the first stepping stones in the journey of personal growth, so if you follow this process you’ll see a new and improved you in the mirror (no joke, that’s a Fayrouz guarantee!)