Some of the most amazing things you can do in life require a little bit of craziness.  If you don’t have that little bit of craziness pushing you, you would probably still be just fine. But you would miss out on the rewarding experience of taking a risk that might UPlift your life. Nothing inspires us more than meeting people who decided to unleash their inner desires to reach out for their dreams and build a life that is led by their passion.

This is why we’ve partnered with UP to bring you these inspiring stories. UP is premium mix of raw nuts & dried fruits; consists of almonds, hazelnut and peanuts mixed with freshly dried cranberry and raisins. UP gives you a natural boost and so we went, we searched and we found personal stories of people who will Uplift your mood and motivate you to always go a little nuts!

Here is our roundup of inspiring career shift stories from four individuals who risked it all in the name of pursuing their true calling.  These are people who others viewed as NUTS for giving up a spot at the top of the ladder in one industry for one at the bottom rung in another, but the reward of living a life that gets them excited to get out of bed in the morning was worth the risk. If you’ve been looking for the inspiration to change your career path, this is it.



Lamia Mamdouh

All her life, Lamia was not into sports and working out was never something on her agenda. Lamia graduated from the faculty of pharmacy and right away jumped into her work life. She started working at a multinational pharmaceutical company where she stayed for 10 years, working abroad for the most part of her last two years. The tables turned though when Lamia’s mother passed away and she was forced to start finding new ways to enjoy her life and get her our of the same rut and the depression she was facing. This is when she found pole fitness. Lamia started practicing pole fitness along side her job, which often led her all over the world where she would try out different classes.

It was during a 3-week holiday, where Lamia spent a lot of quality time with her son that she realized that spending time with family was a lot more rewarding than any feeling she got from work, and so she decided to take a decision at the peak of her career to quit! Lamia has been the Senior Marketing & Sales Excellence Manager of the Easter Europe, Middle East & Africa (EEMEA) when she decided to quit her job and 5 days later she was in the US getting her pole instructor certification and from there, her career took off and she opened her first studio, F Square Aerial Arts & Fitness and six months later she has opened her second studio.


Basma Abdelkader

Going into college, Basma wanted to become a vet, or study psychology but like many Egyptians her parents saw a different career for her; they wanted her to become an engineer and so that was what she did. Basma studied engineering and right after she was done she started working. Four years post grad, Basma moved to New York with husband and her three year old. One month after her arrival, Basma started working in a tech company but she was not happy and it was actually a very difficult time for her. On a very normal workday, as she was sitting at her desk listening to a song, the bass dropped she was overwhelmed with how music can affect your mood and how one song can truly make you feel so happy. It was at that moment that she decided that she needed to quit her job and pursue music. Her husband was very supportive of her decision to go back to school to be an audio engineer – it was a tough decision as it was going to take money, time and a lot of effort. In the span of 2 years, she now manages a recording studio – so many top artists record at her studio – she DJs and recruits artists.
“I do what I love”


Omar El Sobky

Omar El Sobky used to work as an engineer in a multinational oil and gas company with a promising career ahead of him. Amid his career, Omar decided to take a year off and start his own business, Surf School Egypt, teaching people to surf, something he was very passionate about. In a society that didn’t know much about surfing, Omar left his promising career for one that he saw was more exciting and rewarding for him. One of his biggest challenges was actually convincing Egyptians that there are high waves that you can surf on in Egypt, especially in the Mediterranean Sea. Another challenge, of course, is that surfing, as a sport, is seen by many as very seasonal. Omar is currently in the process of brainstorming for ideas to overcome that and offer some surfing activities during the winter season.


Youssef El Garhy

Youssef El Garhy studied computer science and since then he pursued a career in IT and networks, working in multinational companies for around 10 years. Alongside his work, Youssef picked up photography one year after his graduation and kept practicing it as a hobby. Four years later, he took the decision to turn his hobby into a career, something he could make money out of and thus started becoming a professional photographer alongside his full-time job. He founded a company with a couple of his friends, 2 years later the company failed drastically and had to be shut down. For the next two years, he continued to freelance, working 9-5 and then taking on photography work after that. But Youssef did not give up on his dream, he again founded, Studio107, another photography company by the end of the second year, the company’s workload was picking up and at home, Youssef was expecting twins – and just before his babies were due he jumped off! Quit his daytime job and decided to fully pursue his dream of storytelling through photography.