We had no choice in the matter when the dollar’s value more than doubled and we could no longer afford to travel like we used to, order anything online or get our hands on dollars. But what we do have a choice in, is paying for items whose prices have skyrocketed.

Eating healthy in  Egypt has, unfortunately, been linked to spending more money than you normally would grocery shopping. A few food items we came across made our case much weaker. But we’re here to tell you that just because something is healthy doesn’t mean you need it. Here are five healthy items we most definitely do not need and will not buy!


Like these dragon fruits priced at 635 EGP per kilo! No, thank you, we will stick to non-mythical fruits, instead.



No Passion for this…

We’ll stick to our beloved YELLOW bananas, no red-peeled bananas are worth 260 EGP especially when their nutritional value isn’t that much different from yellow bananas.










An average of 110 EGP for a handful of fresh berries. We’ll be sticking to adding Egyptian strawberries for our smoothies!