“I don’t like to sleep!” said no adult ever!!

It’s quite perplexing (that’s a big word!) how, as kids, we all hated to sleep (thinking it was wasted time) and tried our best to stay awake for as long as possible, yet now as grown-ups, we debate selling our souls just for an extra hour of sleep in the morning. Anyhow, whether you’re not getting enough sleep or you want better quality sleep, here are the best ways for you to relax your mind, body, and soul for the best sleeping experience you can get.
You’re welcome.

1. Set a bedtime routine and prepare for it

Remember how we all used to have bedtime routines as kids? You changed into your PJs, brushed your teeth and maybe read a bedtime story before sleep. Well, do the grown-up version of all of that and you’ll sleep like a baby (pun intended). You can change into your sleepwear, get your skincare routine on, and grab a good old-fashioned paperback book and read till you feel the sandman is close by to sweep you into a blissful night’s sleep.


2. Have a night-time skin routine

Wash your face (especially if you have makeup on), tone, and moisturize. Maybe, even give yourself a well-deserved face massage. It’s super easy and helps you relax before bed, to get a better sleeping experience. Try to make this time your “me time”, disconnect from the world and get about removing your makeup, applying night cream, serums and the whole nine yards mindfully. Knowing that you’re doing all of this as a form of self-love will have your mind filled with all the good vibes needed for a peaceful night’s sleep.


3. Avoid blue light like the Plague

Blue light is emitted from any electronic device we use, even if you use the “Night Shift” mode on some devices, your eyes are still looking at a screen. We are built to stay awake when the sun rises and wind down when it sets, and how our bodies know when to stay awake and when to sleep, is through the light. When you look at your phone or TV before you go to sleep, you’re confusing your body’s biological clock. The blue light coming from your screen tricks it into thinking it’s still daylight hindering it from releasing enough Melatonin (a chemical your body releases to sleep) for you to have a good deep sleep. So, at least an hour before sleep, try to avoid all screens.


4. Set the mood

Like everything else in your life, you should set the mood for what you’re going to do. Just like you have a designated hour for lunch, this is your hour for getting ready to sleep.

• Turn off any fluorescent lights and only use orange light (your eyes actually think its dark; they don’t register orange light that much)
• Light a candle (scented with lavender for some light Aromatherapy)
• Put on relaxing music (Claire De Lune by Debussy is a great start)
• Make some Chamomile tea, or peppermint (to soothe your body & warm your soul)
• Grab a good book (nothing work-related or anything that needs too much brain power)
• Snuggle up in your bed and read till you feel sleepy.

Bonus Tips:

  • Set the temperature of the room ideally from 18.3° to 22.2° Celsius, because your body naturally links the lower body temperature to sleep.
  • You can open a window,
  • Go for a walk outside in the fresh air,
  • Maybe take a quick shower (preferably a cold one) 15 to 30 minutes before bed. Hot baths are not recommended before bed because your body takes a long time to cool down afterward. So, if you prefer hot baths, make sure it’s 1 to 2 hours before your bedtime.


  • If you do all of that and the sleep fairy still hasn’t visited you, you should NOT stay in bed. Don’t stay in bed forcing yourself to sleep, you’ll do more harm than good, tossing and turning all night and worrying about how many hours of sleep you have left.
  • Just get out of bed,
  • Go somewhere quiet,
  • Read a bit,
  • Drink more herbal tea, warm milk or milk with dates,
  • Mediate to calm down your overthinking mind,
  • Do some light yoga, until you feel sleepy again to go to bed.

If you follow these steps, you’re pretty much guaranteed a better, deeper sleep than the one you get if you just throw yourself on the bed.

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