The whole world is witnessing a major challenge that is directly affecting our lives and our minds simultaneously, and since difficult times always come with unforgettable lessons, I believe this pandemic is teaching us the following:


1. Staying Home Is Possible

Yes, we did it! Even the most out-going and energetic people amongst us managed to stay home for days and weeks. 

Nobody said it is easy, but at least we learned that we can definitely do it. Staying home gave each one of us the chance to rediscover ourselves; some of us started creating activities for entertainment, while others initiated some house redecoration project or renovated their balconies and started using them more! 

The absolute common goal was to keep the energy flowing all the time!


2. Our Health Is More Important Than We Thought

We never thought of our health and our personal hygiene as much as we think about them these days. The amount of times we wash our hands and sanitize the surfaces and whatever we touch has drastically increased no doubt. 

Not only are we more aware of hygiene on an exterior level, but we’re all more mindful of what we eat, as these times hold us keen on eating vitamin-rich foods and drinking immunity-boosting smoothies and herbal teas. 

This is definitely a good lesson learned and habits acquired to keep alive all along!


3. The Environment Needed a Break

Just looking around us and seeing trees of brighter green is proof of this statement being valid. 

Around the internet, we can also find more content proving the Earth is really benefiting from this pandemic. Photos of cleaner skies and beaches, as well as of animals being able to breathe fresh air are also proof of that. 

As humans, we are the Number One polluters of the environment we live in; however, we should have learned to be more of a protector rather than a destroyer of the Earth’s natural resources from now on.


4. Super Heroes Exist and Amongst Them Are Teachers

Having a way with 1 or 2 kids as a parent is already a really challenging task.

Let alone keeping up with a full class of students in nursery or primary school, and having to teach them new tasks, convince them of eating their snacks, and assist them while doing their homework.

You must be SUPERHEROES!

You must have a secret power to be able to repeat the same thing 100 times every day, baring the loudness or voices and behavior while keeping class decorum, and assisting them in getting things done pleasantly so they can also benefit from it and learn. 

These are all reasons we should all be grateful for your existence and salute you, teachers and caregivers, out there.