Being an architect is more than just studying in college and getting your degree. There is a lot you need to learn if you truly want to flourish in the industry and build a name for your self. That’s why here we have the successful Architect Heba El Kalyoubi, owner of HK Architecture to tell you the ins and outs of becoming a great architect in your field.

Right After College What Do You Think Is the Best Step I Can Take to Further My Career?

My advice is you should consider yourself as if you didn’t learn anything in college. The real learning happens when you go out there and actually work in the professional environment. So, you have to start training somewhere that helps you develop in your field of choice long before you even graduate. You need that in your arsenal when the time comes to actually work out in the real world.

Do I Have to Work in a Corporate Company or Can I Do It Freelance at First?

You need to work a lot to build a solid experience. Some people like to venture immediately into freelancing but in my opinion, it is not a good idea. Soon you will find yourself lacking some important information and in our field, this means damages to constructions that could put people’s lives in danger. Our profession is about responsibility.

What Steps Do I Take If I Want to Open My Own Office?

You need to learn everything related to architecture, get trained till you feel like you own it and nothing intimidates you anymore. You have to do a lot of self-learning in areas related to design and construction. However, you need to learn a lot of other disciplines as well such as marketing, finance, project management, social media and much more.


How Can I Build My Own Clientele List?

You need to focus on creating good quality content. And you will not start big but you will start to build trust. People who will decide to live in the houses you build for them need to trust you first. That’s the best way to build your own clientele list. Word of mouth goes a long way, more than you think.