Over the years, Ramadan has become associated with fitness and health, with many people seizing the opportunity to start taking care of their body. But there are also many people who chose to take this month of, to let go and enjoy their kunafa. We completely understand both sides of the struggle…
This is why, this Ramadan we’re going to give you four tips on how to stay moderately healthy even if you choose the kunafa!

  1. Stay Very Well Hydrated!
    If you’re pilling on the salt, oil and sugars this Ramadan, then make sure you stay well hydrated so you don’t end up bloated for 30 days with excessive salt and sugar in your system.
  2. Eat Frequent Meals
    Just because your meals aren’t healthy doesn’t mean you should indulge in one really big meal and not eat the rest of the day. Have your sambousak and your kunafa, but space them out. Eat every 2-3 hours.
  3. Choose Homemade Drinks Not Soda
    Instead of drinking cans of soda at Iftar opt for the “healthier” homemade drinks like Amar El Din and Carob. Even if they contain sugar, they are bound to be much better for you than any canned drink.
  4. Choose Traditional Desserts
    Every year, we are overwhelmed with 10 new kunafa flavors and toppings that add an abundance of sugar and calories to our traditional cream-filled kunafa. Try to go for the desserts that are as simple as possible. No extra unhealthiness needed.


Photocredit : thebigsweettooth
Photocredit : Puck Arabia