The things we love about the internet are almost as vast and wide as the internet itself. However, there is one undeniable thing we can all do without when it comes to the interwebs. You guessed it, Cyber Bullying. With the easiness of connecting to whoever you want whenever you want thanks to today’s advanced technology, cyberbullying is at an all-time high.

So, if you’ve ever been cyberbullied or engaged in this hostile form of communication (even without knowing) then you’ll need to read what we have to say. These are 5 ways you can deal with cyberbullies to help keep your mental health and not let the internet be a dark place for you and others.

1. Bullies are Human too

This could be an odd and quite hard thought to focus on when someone just landed an “F” bomb in your comment section as a way to describe how badly they detest your content/you or anything you are putting on the internet. Let us tell you about a Tantra master from Tibet, Atisha, who practices Breath in and Breath out Meditation in a way you’ve probably never heard of before that could help with this situation.

Normally, in a meditation, your teacher/guide will tell you to breathe out all the negativity in your life and breathe in positivity. However, Atisha’s method is quite the opposite. She encourages her students to sit in silence, focus on all the negativity in their life (and even that in the lives around them), turn all of that into positivity and breathe it out in the world.


That’s essentially what we’re suggesting you do with your bullies’ attack. Breathe it in, use your heart chakra to turn it into something positive and send it out into the universe and more specifically to the bully in question.


Why Would I Do That, You Say?

Because feeling like the powerful healing badass that you truly are you’ll realize that you have all it takes to turn any negative aspect in your life into something beautiful and positive. So, that means no matter how much people throw their harmful words at you, you won’t be tethered because you know you can change it into something better.


That’s why we want you to send it back to them because every bully that ever existed is a human being in pain. The difference between them and the rest of us in pain is that they channel it in a way that causes harm to others while we decide to use this pain to send love, positive vibes, and healing energy to others.


2. Do Not Engage

You now know what you should do to handle how a bullying comment affects you internally, let’s talk about what you should do with the bully themselves. Nothing, you should do absolutely nothing. Do not engage them in any way, don’t respond or delete their comment or do anything that makes them feel that they won this battle.

Most of bullies’ real intention behind their hurtful comments is that they want to be heard. They feel like if they get you to engage with them even if it’s in a retaliating way they’ve won. Which makes them feel better, so they’ll continue bullying others knowing that they’ll get a response from them, and you see how the cycle goes.

So, when you don’t react in any way, you’re discouraging this bully from doing it again, because who wants to be ignored, no one, especially bullies. They’ll do anything to get your attention, the harder they try, the more you should feel sorry for them and send them love to hopefully help heal their hurt souls and let out the light in them.


3. Use the Platform’s Anti-Bullying Function

Most online platforms these days have a multitude of functions that allow you to protect yourself and your content from possible cyberbullying. Some platforms like Instagram go even a step further and think of the implications that would happen if you Block or Report the abusive commentator.

They know that sometimes blocking your cyber-bullier can make matters worse (cause essentially its response they can detect) making them target you more. So, they’ve created a new Instagram feature that allows you to protect your account from unwanted interaction without notifying the abusive bullier with their new “Restrict” feature. So, you’re taking action that won’t cause a repel effect and cause more harm.


Instagram has also made it possible for the bullier to (hopefully) rethink their actions and comments before posting them. They use an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that detects when your comment might be too negative to post. This will give bullies a second chance to look at their words and truly assess what they’re putting out there in the world, possibly changing it before they choose to post.


5. Choose your Followers Carefully

While most people want to have a huge following, it could be wise to choose who you allow seeing your content. This can drastically reduce the chances of receiving bullying comments on your account. If you can’t control who follows you, you have 4 other ways you can handle cyberbullying in a way that isn’t detrimental for you and those around you.


We are so proud of Instagram for taking care of their community by paying closer attention to how cyberbullies act and how the bullied react. Their new features are truly a solid step forward toward a better, safer and more positive internet all around.

Send this to someone who’s been cyberbullied and affected by it badly, and someone you know whose internet comments could be attributing to the problem rather than the solution. Let’s all do our best to leave this world better than we found it.