Our homes are the one space we have, to truly be ourselves in, maybe that is why we usually take so much pride in our living space especially if it’s been decorated in a way that shows who we are. With so many different designs and styles nowadays, vintage modern, bohemian, mid-century modern, contemporary, minimalist (remember when you just had modern and Traditional styles), no matter what your style is, the one thing all of these have in common is that you’ll always want to incorporate artwork into your space. However, it’s becoming harder to choose the perfect pieces of artwork to fit your style of choice.

This is why we’re giving you ways to incorporate art into your space without having to “hang a painting” and spend eons looking for the perfect one that fits your “minimalist vintage modern” style for instance. These are all ways you can brighten your space with art in not-so-traditional ways.

1. Let your fabric be the art

You know what’s better than art that you can hang on your wall and look at every day? Art that you can use every day (functional art is what we like to call it), something like what Naseej By Mardini does is a perfect example of functional art. They get authentic art pieces and place them on fabric that you can later use to make a pillow like the pillow with Frida on it (shown below), a statement piece of some sort, the options are countless. Not to mention that, unlike conventional art pieces, this form of art is not going to break your bank, that way you can afford to have all your favorite art pieces in both an authentic painting form and functional form. If statement pieces are your thing, you can make the sofa speak for itself and use colorful fabric to turn a regular couch into your room’s statement piece. This local brand has filled our hearts with Egyptian pride with their vibrant and colorful newest collection in collaboration with Artistri  “Verano Latino”, inspired by Frida and Latin American art. Remember, that art doesn’t have to be added to fabric, sometimes, the fabric itself IS art.

2.Plants and Greenery

If you look at all the majorly mesmerizing art that was ever created, it is all derived from the one and only “Mother Nature” herself, ex: Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. So, something as simple as adding a few houseplants that stand out in your space and make a statement is a very easy and useful way to add art into your home. Plants -unlike wall art- don’t just collect dust, they purify the air, give off a serene vibe, and can help make you more at ease, calm and relaxed, and that’s exactly what we all want to feel when we’re in our space.


3. Let your walls be your art

According to the artistic interior designer, Dina Samaha, owner of Artistri, you can have your walls be the art themselves, instead of hanging something on them make them pop. Painting colors that change their depth and turn into different shades as a great way to invite in the possibility of different emotions and feelings, allowing us to slip into a lighter mood after having a hard day at work. Unlike colors that are “monotone” and don’t change at all when hit by the light, which can help you feel stuck and disconnected. Another awesome way is by having a feature wall, just one wall that is entirely painted like a mural of some sort, it could be the center of the rooms’ decor. You can even use wallpaper that is art in itself, like what Naseej has here in photos shown below from their NOMAD collection.










4. Painted Pots

Whether you decided to let your home be a jungle or not, an awesome way of adding a bit more liveliness into a room is by using pots that are painted something different and fun, not just plain old brown. You can even turn this into a family fun activity and let each person in the family have their own pot that they get to paint so each one feels represented in their own living space. You get fun artistic pieces, you don’t end up hurting your budget, and you enjoy a family bonding time.. talk about a trifecta!




Just by adding any of these unique pieces of unconventional art into your home, you’ll be the new talk of the town with the house that inspires everyone to think outside the box when it comes to being artistic with their home decor. Send this to someone who’s redecorating their home or planning to move soon, because you know sharing is caring!