Living in Egypt means fruits and vegetables on every corner but it also means 2 sugar-packed kiosks on every corner.  Being healthy is somewhat a challenge due to the convenience of unhealthy, processed and fast food. It’s MUCH easier to find bags of chips and chocolate than it is to find almond milk.

Body Blocks have stepped up the healthy game a few steps by offering ready-made mixes to facilitate a healthy life in the busy city. Their collection includes pretty much every type of mix you could need; from pancakes to granola mixes to flours. The best thing about the mix? (Besides them being delicious with no added sugar or preservative). You can actually find it in supermarkets or order it online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

They have three ranges within ‘The Mix’ line which are all gluten and dairy free. The lines are Pancakes & Waffles, Cereals and Flours. The Pancake & Waffle Line has four options; Oatmeal Waffle, Pancake Mix, Dark Chocolate Pancakes and Blueberry Pancakes. The ‘Flour’ line has three options; Rice Flour, Quinoa Flour and Oat Flour. The ‘Cereal’ Line has four types; Dark Chocolate Granola, Cinnamon & Raisin Granola, Almond & Date Granola and Coconut Muesli. 


Non-wheat flours are so versatile that they can be used almost every time you enter your kitchen from breakfast until late night snacking. The flours offered by Body Blocks are all Gluten-Free, which can help people who suffer from gluten-sensitivity or those looking to reduce gluten to help them fight inflammation.

Here are 4 hacks to use non-wheat flours in to add nutritional value to your meals.

Add To Soups
Oat flour is great in soups, it works as a natural thickener as well as adding a nutty flavor to it. Oat flour is also a great way to add fiber into soup!

Skin Care Ingredient 

Brown rice flour can be used as a great natural exfoliator as it does not completely dissolve in water. Place a spoonful of flour on your hand, add some water and exfoliate your face with it. This will also help your face absorb any moisturizer you apply after quicker. You can also create a facial mask using brown rice flour by mixing it with honey and essential oils and create a soothing facial mask.

Use in Making Sauces

Adding a spoonful of any of these flours, especially rice flour, into sauces will act as a thickening agent and help you get the consistency you need with the added bonus of adding nutritional value as well!

Use In Smoothies

Quinoa flour can be added to any smoothie or shake to give a little protein boost. Simply add a spoonful of quinoa flour to your smoothie/shake and blend until it becomes smooth