If you’ve been feeling unmotivated to work hard lately, feeling the hours only get longer as your stress levels get higher, you’re not alone. When people start to let their work life be the only one they have, it starts to manifest as an inability to focus on their daily tasks and lackluster hovers over their office life.

Have no fear though because we have a great remedy for that, that will bring a spring to your step while you work with a smile on your face. We’re talking about exercise! Before you diss the idea, just read the 4 ways having a consistent workout routine will make your work life that much easier (and happier might I say.)


Your Quality of Sleep Gets a Whole Lot Better

When you work out your body is doing all the work while your mind actually rests. You hardly can think of anything while working out which means after thinking all day at work you can give your mind enjoys this break. This is great news for everyone who can’t seem to shut off their brain once they hit the bed. When you exercise your body gets tired which means it will welcome sleep with open arms, and because your mind rests during your workout as well, you won’t be faced with an over-thinking brain.

What does this mean for your work life? Well, you can’t possibly expect your performance at work to be any good when your quality of sleep is terrible. When your sleep quality suffers so does your productivity at work!


Your Focus Gets Sharper

We all have days when we seem like we can’t focus no matter how hard we try. But, what if you find yourself not being able to focus all the time when you’re at work? That’s when you know that exercise is crucial for your work life to improve. When we exercise we increase the blood flow along with our cerebral spinal fluid, CSF (the blood supply to our nervous system). Increased circulation means your brain gets the oxygenated blood it needs for you to remember better and focus more on the task at hand.


You’ll Need Less Sick Days

Proper regular exercise does wonder for your immunity. It doesn’t just make your body stronger muscle wise, it helps your immune system function at it’s best as well. Having better immunity means you’ll need less sick days which means you’ll get your work done in time and won’t have stuff piling up at your office when you get back from your sick leave.


You’re Anxiety Will Thank You

Even when you love your job you can still have days where the stress of getting things done will make the anxiety you didn’t think you had flare up. But when you regularly exercise you’re channeling those anxious feelings into your workout. Working out also helps release happy hormones in your body (Endorphin and Serotonin) which will help ease your anxiety and make you feel lighter at work. We all know that we work better when we’re in a good mood and our productivity thrives when we’re feeling like we own the world, which is what exercising regularly pretty much makes you feel like.


We know that by now you want to work out so bad you’ve already considered renewing your expired gym membership. This is just one way you can improve your productivity at work. If you want more ways you can enhance office life for you and your employees/colleagues visit Elevate for programs dedicated just for your corporate wellbeing.