Ramadan is about a lot of things. It’s the spirit you find in the streets, the delicious food you eat surrounded by your family and loved ones, but most of all, it’s about generosity.  The thing is, when people think of generosity they usually think of just giving money to those who need it. Thanks to Pril’s movement aimed at spreading goodness around the community with their طبق زيادة – متوقفش اللمة عندك campaign, we were inspired to show you 4 ways you can be generous this Ramadan that have nothing to do with giving money.


Make an Extra Plate

We are all already guilty of making way too much food for Iftar every single day in Ramadan. No matter how much we try to keep ourselves in check, we still end up with enough leftovers for a whole other meal. That’s why it’s so easy to do this act of generosity without feeling like it’s too much of a hassle. You can make food like you normally do and instead of ending up with leftovers just put together a full plate from everything on your menu for the day and give it to someone you know who would love it. This way you would have ensured there is no food waste and made someone incredibly happy at Iftar.


Pro Tip: Don’t worry if this causes extra dishes to wash because Pril got you covered in that department, more on that at the end of the article.


Bring an Extra Water Bottle

There is nothing we do more than gather for Iftar in this holy month, and that means we do a lot of driving going to and coming from the gatherings. You can help those still on the road or the people who are performing their job on the street (traffic policemen, guards, etc) and give them a bottle of water to break their fast with. If you could pre-freeze small water bottles and give it to people cold it would be better to quench them during this hot Ramadan.


Dessert for Two, for Four

Being invited to Iftar gatherings mean we also tend to buy dessert for the hosts of those gatherings. This is another great opportunity you can  متوقفش اللمة عندك. When you go buy a plate of anything sweet for your Iftar gathering you can buy an extra one to give to someone in the street and make their day. Who wouldn’t want a good old plate of Konafa with Mango!


Dates Are Your Best friend

The best thing about this way of exercising your generosity muscle is that you can keep a box of dates with you in the car and it won’t go bad, so it’s really easy to do this every single day. Just give people on the street a few dates when on your way to your Iftar gatherings, that way they can have something to break their fast while they go to their destination.


Pril’s movement طبق زيادة – متوقفش اللمة عندك  is all about not stopping the joy of giving food and keep the cycle going by giving a plate of food to someone else so they could get inspired to do the same. They’re also helping those in need by collaborating with the Food Bank and giving them 5% of all their Ramadan sales. That means each time you buy Pril in Ramadan you know you’ll be contributing to help feed people eat in this holy month and more.

That’s not just it, Pril is giving you a chance to , using the power of social media, actually help those in need. All you need to do is fill your plate with food and share with Pril a picture of your plate on Facebook using #طبق_زيادة AND #متوقفش_اللمة_عندك

Nominate your friends, family and loved ones to do the same by tagging them in your post and Pril will donate 5 pounds to the food bank for every plate shared online.