Updated: April 2021

Our favorite time of the year is finally here, but hold on, who said that spring is only about good weather, holidays, and wearing your favorite sundresses?

Spring is also about self-cleansing and positivity, it’s also about letting go of everything that happened in the winter or even far before that, and starting the new season with a fresh spirit and maybe a couple of fresh flowers too. I guess you’re wondering where all this talk is heading to, well let me just tell you that we care about your feelings as much as you do, and there’s only one way to start this spring with a clean slate. I mean, after all, we all need to spring clean our emotional closet, don’t we?

So here are the steps on how to do that, effortlessly, you fresh people!

1. Declutter

Oh, besides decluttering your phone gallery, you need to declutter all the negative emotions taking over that beautiful soul of yours as well. Well, you can start off by detaching yourself from toxic people, in other words, let go of anybody who is not adding any kind of value to your life or simply standing in the way of your happiness or success in any sort of way. Cut them off, and move forward.

It’s also okay if you think that you need a new group of friends that match the successful and happy version of you. Actually, we need to let go of that toxic theory which states that some bad stuff in your past can never be forgotten and will forever have a negative impact on us because that’s a myth. You can turn whatever you have been through into something positive, so believe in the power of letting go, and you’ll just do great.

2- Forgive

Forgive yourself for doing whatever you had to do to reach that moment where you’re reading this article, by believing that you are human enough to make some mistakes and that there’s no place you would rather be but exactly where you are right now.  Forgive the people who hurt you in the past, maybe you do not have to do it for them, but you definitely need to do it for yourself, by believing that you deserve to stay just the way you are and that you will not let anyone pollute that pure heart of yours. God forgives us on so many sins, so how come we do not forgive other humans for being humans just like us, or even worse, do not forgive ourselves?

Forgive and let go.

3- Apologize

I have never ever understood the idea of not admitting it when I’m wrong about something, or when I hurt someone. I totally believe that it has nothing to do with my ego when it comes to apologizing when I’m mistaken. Like I said earlier, humans are made to make mistakes, and that’s okay. Not to forget that apologizing also quickens the healing process for you. Sleeping every night with unsaid words or unfinished problems could really harm your well being. So, I guess yeah, apologizing plays a really important role in cleansing your soul.

4- Do More You

Focus on your own dreams and goals, with no intention to prove yourself to anyone. Know your strengths and weaknesses, with no shame. Do not let anything from your past haunt your future, or even worse, care about what others think of you. I believe that only losers care what others think, and I have faith that you are not a loser if only you decided not to be. I hope you believe in it too. The future version of yourself needs you to give it some attention, to let those emotions of yours flourish again.

From this exact spring till forever, promise yourself that you will unapologetically do you and everything will fall into place. Do not forget that it is never too late to start over. Also, do not forget to count your blessings.