While we do love a nice massage as much as the next person, to our ultimate dismay, massage prices in Egypt have really jumped up in the past year. It has become very inconvenient (for our wallets of course) to have massages every time we’re stressed. Which is usually every week. So we’ve looked and searched and found these alternative ways to distress that won’t leave you stressing financially at the end of the month!


Dance It Out!

Put on your favorite music and shake it out however you like. Dance has the ability to relieve so much stress and really boost your mood and your energy levels. No matter what is stressing you out about, dancing will almost always leave you in a better mood.


Break Something!

You probably have so many things lying around that you need to throw out. Instead of doing that, find an empty space and just throw, break and smash! So much stress relieve.


Go Boxing!

It’s pretty known that adrenaline helps put you in a good mood. If working out and going to a gym just isn’t your scene, then maybe boxing is. Boxing releases adrenaline as well as anger, tension and stress!


Say “No” To Anything That Stresses You Out!

Simple and so so cheap. Say no to any activity, request or job that stresses you out. Focus more on doing things that you like and enjoy and try to avoid stressful situations as much as possible. Sometimes a simple ‘no’ is the answer.



Yes, you read that right. Think of any childhood game you used to enjoy and do that. It could be anything from putting together a puzzle or playing on a swing set. Something about playing and acting like a child again gets you in a good, relaxing and happy mood!