Nowadays, most new homeowners enjoy giving their space a more modern feel as opposed to the more classic homes most of us grew up in. While there is nothing wrong with the modern look, some people might feel like their home is somewhat “Casual” missing that sense of regal elegance.

If that’s the case then don’t fret as you can still have the modern home you’ve always dreamt off and still give it that timeless grace. You can do so by adding an antique piece here and there to tastefully adorn your home and give it that edge you’ve been looking for.



Urns or large vases are a great, simple and probably the easiest way to give any modern home a more rounded classy feel. You can choose the style, color, and shape that fits your space best. You can use the right Urn to balance the contrast palette in a neutral space. You can also use them in pairs as symmetry is more pleasing to the eyes.




Antique Chinese Chest

Another way you can incorporate a beautiful timeless piece in your home decor without a lot of fuss is by using an old Chinese chest. These chests are an amazing conversational piece that can break the ice of any gathering no matter how awkward that silent pause goes on for. You can keep it closed or play around with it by stuffing it with a few decorative pillows or cushions.






Antique Clocks

Incorporating a classic old clock is a timeless (pun intended) way of adding sophistication to your decor that very few modern clocks can add. People think they have to opt for the good old classic “Grandfather” clock. That isn’t always the case, you don’t need a lot of space to enjoy this antique piece. You can use a smaller version of the “Grandfather” clock and place it on a console, side table or buffet even. It will tell you the time and serve your modern home well with its unique aesthetic.



Antique Bar Console

This is quite a popular piece that you’ll find in a lot of modern homes these days. It’s a great example of functional home decor. You can use it as an entertainment piece, storing your drinks for when friends come over. Don’t be fooled by its name, just because it’s called a “Bar” doesn’t mean you have to serve only alcoholic drinks in it. You can make a killer homemade ice tea and still use this beauty to serve it to your guests. You could even not actually use it at all and you’ll still enjoy having it in your home as a statement piece that breaks the modern mold and serves as a great conversation starter.




Chinese Cabinet

Last but most definitely not least, the infamous Chinese Cabinet. This majestic piece is both incredible eye candy when it comes to home decor and wonderfully functional. You could store anything inside its spacious doors, from blankets and sheets to kids toys. It doesn’t matter because from the outside it can be placed in the midst of your most luxurious furniture and it will fit right in place.




As you see, the right antique piece can merge with your modern home without it feeling out of place. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. You can find all of the pieces featured here in Artissimo and the best part is that they can even come to your home and tell you how you can incorporate a certain piece in your space, all you have to do is ask them.