You know when you are approaching your 30th birthday or you’ve already reached it and you get all these nightmares about getting old and facing the reality of how your body, skin and entire life are changing for good. You hear about how losing weight will be difficult, how you become a wiser person and that you are the official adult in the world of adulthood. Let me break it down to you, most of the fears we have grown to believe are wrong and far from the truths. The thirties are framed as the age of being old, despite the fact that you will start feeling more alive when you reach it, you will know yourself better when you reach it, you will go out and explore the reality of your own self when you are thirty. It’s not a flowery age and you are not a kid anymore, but it’s all real, the good real. Some might disagree and that’s totally fine, it’s definitely not the same for everyone but I believe there are things that we can agree on that are not really true and are a HUGE myth.


1- You stop losing weight when you reach your thirties

WRONG! We’ve all read many articles about how your metabolism slows down when you turn thirty, thus causing weight gain or making it harder to lose weight. According to the American Council on Exercise, your metabolic rate drops one to two percent per decade. I am no doctor, nor a nutritionist, but I am a living experience. I know that no two people are the same and that genetics and other factors do play a role. But it’s a negative message to convince people that losing weight when they grow older doesn’t happen. I’ve lost most of my excess weight after I reached my thirties. It all went down to the same equation, eating healthy and increasing physical activity thus gaining muscles and losing fats. Again, I am no doctor here; but let’s put aside that myth and start getting active and achieve what we always wanted to do. Was it easy when I was younger, yes definitely because I was more active as a person in general, I played sports, went to school, walked around a lot…etc Now my day has to include working out because the rest of the day is consumed in work, driving, eating, and getting done with errands, so working out time is essential to growing old healthier. So move your ass, get off that couch and stop complaining about gaining weight! 


2- If you are not married, you are doomed

No one will ever deny that every phase in one’s life has it’s pros and cons. But who said it’s a con not being married in your thirties. We need to understand that life works it’s magic on its own. Every phase you go through is what’s meant to be for you, whether you are married or not. My married friends and relatives may sometimes envy me for being single, always doing what I want to do without restrictions, and being out and about just because I am on my own. Well, we get the responsibilities we’ve asked for, I don’t want to be single nor do I want to be married. I just want to live the reality I am in, I am single so I am making the most out of it. Learn to live your life to the fullest whether you are married with kids or not. Every phase has it’s own beauty, I never dwell on anything I don’t have, I live that life that I am in now! Learn to do that. I won’t deny that I’m lucky and blessed with a family that never ever made me feel that I NEED to get married. The society might be a bit judgemental, but that’s only if you allow them to be!


3- If you are married with no kids, you are still doomed

If you got married, reached your thirties and don’t have kids till now I can imagine how everyone around you usually reacts or even give you their own personal opinion about how you should have kids now before it’s too late. Aside from society’s expectations, people usually don’t put in mind that maybe that’s your own choice, you don’t want kids now, you are not ready, you can’t take care of another tiny human being now or maybe you just can’t have kids now for medical reasons. Still, it’s not the end of life, having kids is something but it’s not everything. Don’t let what people say get to you, live your life as you want to live it, no one is walking in your shoes, but you!


4- You are stuck in the career you are in

Still wrong! Being thirty doesn’t mean that life stopped and you don’t get to explore new stuff. You want to change your career and go for another one?! Just do it. Don’t wait, don’t look back, don’t underestimate your own potential. If you are happy and content with what you have, then good for you! You are lucky. If not, and you believe that you are meant to do something else, then you owe it to yourself to do the change and believe you will succeed. We don’t live twice, you won’t get a second chance. I have changed careers several times, although I never went out of my field of expertise and it always revolved around it somehow, but maybe I will. I am a person who likes to plan and calculate her steps, but at the same time I’ve learned to follow my heart and passion. I’ve always done that, I never had a job I wasn’t into it, I never chose a job that I wasn’t ready to give it my all. I am a perfectionist to some level, and I’ve learned throughout the years that nothing lasts forever. So don’t be stuck anywhere, live your life to the fullest, know your potential and never underestimate what you can do. You can be confused, you can be hesitant, that’s just normal, but you can’t not believe in yourself!


5- No more facial breakouts

 I hate to break it you, being in your thirties doesn’t mean your face will stop breaking out. It will as usual, you will get that pimple you want to hide with makeup just like before. If you are not taking care of your skin inside out with your skincare routine and diet, you will have the same issues as before. If you are following a skin care routine, you might just need to check with your dermatologist if they still fit you. But don’t think you won’t get breakouts just because you are thirty!