So, you’ve decided you want to start eating a healthier diet, and since you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day you want to start making yours a little bit more wholesome. You’ve come to the right place. We’re going to show you 5 easy and quick ways you can swap your regular breakfast for a healthier one that won’t make you feel any drastic changes were made. That way, you’re way more likely to stick to this new lifestyle of healthy-breakfast-eating and soon start on making all your meals healthier.


  1. Use Low Carb Bread

You don’t have to cut out eating bread all together if you’re aiming for a lighter breakfast. You can instead use “Low Carb Bread” from Rich Bake’s new healthy range. This will not only help you feel lighter it will also maintain sugar in your blood and lower your chances of getting diabetes. It’s also a great way to stabilize insulin secretion in your body. Making this simple switch will give you a greater sense of satiety and fullness which will help you avoid snacking on unhealthy food during the day. So, overall, it will help you lose weight and feel fuller for longer.


  1. Replace Your Sugar with Honey

If you want to healthify your morning, you don’t have to remove all sweetener from your morning coffee or tea. You can simply replace the sugar you take with raw honey. Honey will do the same job of making your hot drink of choice just as sweet without the added drawbacks of using refined sugar. Honey ranks lower than sugar on the Glycemic Index, meaning it won’t raise your blood sugar levels as much. It is wise to know that honey can have slightly more calories per teaspoon than sugar, but since it sweetens better than sugar you won’t need as much raw honey in your drink to get the desired sweetness.


  1. Ditch the Salt and Use This Instead

For most, adding salt to your diet is not a do or die venture. However, training your taste buds to prefer other spices is something your older self will be thankful for. Too much salt in your system will make your body retain water. This is not great as it makes you put on water weight and could possibly put pressure on your heart and increase your blood pressure.

Instead, add spices like cumin, pepper, paprika or any other spice you like to add to your breakfast of choice. If you really like the taste of something salty, you could add olives to your meal. They usually give the same saltiness you get from seasoning your food with salt.


  1. Go for Bread That’s Rich in Omega-3

Omega-3 is a fatty oil which is found in seeds, canola oils, fatty fish such as salmon and sardines, and soybeans. But, starting today you won’t have to eat any of these just to get your Omega-3 because in Rich Bake’s new fine healthy range of bread is “Omega -3 Toast“.

Omega-3 is useful for the formation and health of the fetal brain cells during pregnancy and children’s growth. It also plays a role in heart diseases protection such as reducing the Triglycerides in the blood and lowering blood pressure in those with hypertension. Not to mention, it also works as a great factor in reducing the symptoms of behavioral disorders in children like (ADHD), such as hyperactivity, aggressive behavior, and insomnia.



  1. Add Chia or Flax Seeds to Everything

You don’t have to remove anything from your actual breakfast to make it healthy with this tip. All you have to do here is just add Chia seeds or Flax seeds to pretty much anything you’re eating (sweet or savory it doesn’t matter). Chia and flax seeds are high in anti-oxidants, high-quality protein, and dietary fiber. Say hello to the healthier version of your coco puffs, and thank us later.


Now, you know that it doesn’t take a village to make your breakfast slightly healthier than it was before. Especially, that now Rich Bake’s new range of bread is available in stores to help you have a more wholesome nutritious breakfast, you’ve got no excuse.