5 Egyptian Sports Wear Brands To Keep An Eye on This Season

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Shopping locally has never been easier- we have an abundance of flourishing local brands and designers offering top-notch designs and awe-inspiring collection. The sportswear scene is on a definite high this season, with amazing new brands that have popped up and awesome collection launches from already established brands. Here’s what you might have missed and exactly what’s been happening all around this ever-growing industry:

GAIA Launched Their Very First Collection For Both Men and Women: 

With a shoot featuring historic backdrops, GAIA made their debut with a functional collection for both genders. With summery colours and classic designs, this sportswear brand is definitely one to watch out for.

Monni K Released a New Summer Collection and It Is Jaw-Dropping: 

Bold designs and popping colours highlight this unique collection and we are so sold! Monni K has returned once again to the scene with a bang. Fans of the brand’s signature Teaser Tights will be glad to know that they are featured in the new collection in a totally new colour: electric blue!

Woman Up Entered the Scene With a Totally Empowering Collection: 

Comfy and sassy are the right words to describe this brand’s take on sportswear. With tank tops and hoodies that feature statements, us #GirlBosses can totally relate to, we are huge fans of this up-and-coming local brand.

Sigma Fit Is Introducing Innovative New Products That We So Can’t Wait For: 

We’re used to nothing short of state-of-the-art, innovative products from Sigma Fit and the masterminds behind it are promising us a diverse collection of brand new solutions. This season, they’re introducing cooling t-shirts and towels that should help cool down the body after a hectic workout on scorching summer days, a hijab sports line for atheletes who wear the hijab made of light and cooling materials, and silicone shoelaces that turn any sports shoes into slip-ons for better performance. These products are set to be consecutively released starting April and all throughout summer.

Boddiction Launched Locally & Internationally and We Couldn’t Be More Proud of the Egyptian Entrepreneur Behind It: 

We totally love it when local brands go international and compete strongly overseas. Boddiction, a sportswear brand offering trendy products for women, just launched its E-shop in Egypt and Greece. Its signature designs are the Basic Leggings, which come in an array of colors, as well as the Wave and ACTIV product lines.

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