What’s the first thing you notice when you enter someone’s home?! Don’t answer that, we all know that the first thing is the entrance hall, whether we like it or not that’s the first impression our home makes on all those visiting it. It’s the first thing they see and the last thing when they leave our homes. That means if you want your entryway to make the best impression, you need to have certain key features that will not only impress your guests but will make life easier for you as well.



A Side/ Wall Table

Before we mention all the other important essentials your entryway needs to have, you need to have an exquisite piece of furniture to hold them all. This is when investing in a narrow but convenient side table that you can place against the wall is excellent practice.




A Plate for Keys, Wallet, and Trinkets

First thing you need in your hallway is a place to put your keys. Having this will keep your keys from getting lost as every time you enter you’ll just place them there even before you take off your coat. The same goes for every time you leave the house, you’ll just grab your keys and wallet and head out. The real trick here is picking out a piece that serves this much-needed function and wows your guests when they walk in.

Something like this silver piece is perfect for your entryway as it’s wide enough to hold your keys, wallet, spare change and pretty much anything else you want to keep handy by the door, like your dogs’ leash for example. It’s also stunning and a for sure piece that will grab the attention of anyone visiting your home.




A Clock

It’s not only an integral piece of any home, but it’s also essential in any entryway. You’ll be pleased to have a way to tell the time every time you walk through the door (maybe not if you’re past your curfew though.) This pie, in particular, is not only handy at giving the time, but it’s also a great conversational piece. Its unique design is a sure fire way to impress your guests.




What could be better than being greeted at your doorstep with the blooming flower pot that you helped grow? Plants are not only a great way of spreading positive energy they also help heighten the vibration of your home. Depending on the plant you choose you can help cleanse the energy and the air around your home. If you’re worried you wouldn’t be able to keep them alive you can choose a fake plant and place it in a beautiful pot like this one here. It will still give off the feel of a natural plant without the worry of killing your plant.





You might think that having a chair or an ottoman in your entryway is somewhat of an odd decision. However, you don’t know how grateful your guests will be to have something to sit on while they put on their shoes or adjust their kids’ coats or anything of the sort. It’s not only functional but if you get a chair that’s as exquisite as this one here you’ll be perfecting your entryway with the perfect piece.


If you use this as a guide you’ll find yourself designing the perfect entrance of your dreams. All of the magnificent pieces shown here are part of Artissimo ‘s collection and can be found in their 5th settlement store or their Sheikh Zayed store. Send this to someone who wants to give their entrance an artistic functional touch.