She has years of experience in counseling and is the mastermind behind the idea for The RE a couples retreat service that allows people to reconnect with their partners through creating memorable experiences. Rasha Salama opens up to us about how she came about the idea for The RE and what works for her as a career woman in this profession.

What do you do consistently for time management?

I am a person who values planning and time management. So, when it comes to that, I am a natural. I constantly have a to-do list in my head I go around that list by prioritizing the items on the list and I plan ahead so I don’t leave things till the last minute. I also allocate a realistic and specific time limit for myself to complete a task with time buffers.

What is one resource you wish you knew about when you were starting out?

Actually, I still didn’t find that one resource that would help me promote my business. Since the programs I offer at the RE are tailored there is no reference or model that I am copying. Hence my approach is based on inspirations. What really inspired me to start the project, besides working with couples as a couples counselor and seeing that they come at a very late stage in their relationship, is something from years ago.

It happened after I had my second child. It made a huge difference when my husband and I went on a break, we left the kids with my mother and we traveled alone on a diving trip since we both scuba dive and that has really inspired me to provide a service that gives that opportunity to other couples as well. That is one of the major inspirations that I’ve had. And ever since that time we have made a deal that we need to go on a break just the two of us at least once a year if not more and it’s been like a pattern it’s a thing that we do to keep our marriage on track.

What’s the best career advice anyone has ever given you?

I have received lots of good business advice for the RE from friends and experts in marketing. In my business, one advice was recurrent so I assume it is the best. Which is to expose my self and allow people to get to know the true me.  My career will grow only when people truly know and trust me.

What do you do to motivate yourself when you feel like giving up?

I hardly feel like giving up. Because I know at heart and deep in my core that my job is what I want to do and nothing else. But, I definitely get tired and “burnt out “. When that happens, I allow myself to take a break and acknowledge that I am only human and I am entitled to enjoy a break. It is only a matter of time before I regain my excitement and miss my work with couples and I am back.


How did arranging retreats help take your counseling to the next level?

Actually, it was my work as a counselor that brought me to start up The RE. Since a lot of the couples come to couples therapy at the verge of divorce. I wanted to make sure more couples addressed their challenges in their relationship before they shut down from each other. الوقاية خير من العلاج. My work with couples inspired me to see where the problem happened. It inspired me to create interventions in the form of games in the retreat.


Photographer:  Khaled Marzouk

MUA: Rana Barsoum