Nesma El Shazly is the embodiment of multipotentiality. She is someone who constantly follows their dreams and never stops reaching for the stars. A songwriter, a producer and most importantly a PR Consultant who is the owner of Stardust PR Agency.


What do you do consistently for time management?

I don’t have any consistent habits to manage my time! I’m a very random person, I live it day by day. I don’t go with a time management calendar or plan at all. But I try as much as I can to limit my time. For instance, if I spend to much time at work and I feel like I get consumed with work. I have to get to a point where I take a pause and reflect and go like ” I have to stop”. Because I have to spend time with my kids and my family, to make up for the time I got busy with work and vice versa. I try to balance my time in a way I can measure myself.

What is one resource you wish you knew about when you were starting out?

I really wish I knew not to ever limit myself in my thinking and to never put myself in a certain box that would limit who I was or needed to do. As a child, I was never drawn toward traditionally girly things. I was always the girl who liked things most girls didn’t at the time, like rock music, football and so on. This limited thinking made me believe that I could never find girlfriends who would share my same interests. Of course, when I grew up I realized that was not the case. I found a lot of women who love the same “Boyish” things I do. I would have made so many friendships If only I hadn’t just limited myself.


What’s the best career advice anyone has ever given you?

The best career advice I ever got was to follow my intuition and to follow my guts. Without fail, every time I do so I’m always right. The other piece of advice is “There is no such thing as quitting”. When someone is pursuing a career or a certain passion or something they wish they could do there is no space for quitting. There is no option for it. There are times where I’ve tried my best at something and I feel like I didn’t get to the results I wanted. Times like these, I can just take a pause, reflect and see where the drawbacks or what’s holding me back. Then, I start the journey again. But for me to quit is not an option.

What do you do to motivate yourself when you feel like giving up?

Actually, I never felt like giving up. I think this is something built in my character, it’s built in my DNA. I don’t go to this mindset of giving up, to begin with. What motivates me to push forward is looking back on where I started and where I am now. I always see how much I’ve evolved and how far I’ve gotten on my journey. This makes me feel like “There’s no way to stop now! I’m not going to come this far to stop this far!”If I remain with the same level of focus and perseverance I will get to where I want to go.

So, for me, giving up is not an option. I never thought of it. I’m very driven by passion and that’s what drowns out any thoughts I might have had about giving up. For me,  I just keep going until I get to the results that I want to get to at any cost. Yes, there will be obstacles and challenges along the way but everything in life has a solution. Everything in life can be overcome because we are the ones who put ourselves in the “giving up” or “I can’t” mindset, it’s all psychological. So, I don’t give my mind the chance to even think in that direction.

When it comes to PR, Why is every contact you make important, no matter how small?

In some professions, people might feel that selectivity with their network is an advantage, that is certainly not the case in PR. The wider your network, the wider the exposure you’ll get. In PR, every contact is important because it widens your network and increases the number of opportunities that can arise from that network. It’s as simple as that!


Photographer:  Khaled Marzouk

MUA: Menna El Telt