Being eco-friendly is about the many ways, little or big, that you can help reduce your carbon footprint on our planet. We all know the usual ways, less meat, reduced energy consumption, … but one way that tends to be overlooked is the clothes that we wear.

Reducing your carbon footprint means wearing clothes that are eco-friendly and sustainable. Luckily, there are actually many brands out there that are eco-conscious or have eco-conscious lines in their store. Eco-friendly means that they use sustainable materials, respect labor rights and are against child labor.

“You are what you wear” so be conscious and be mindful. Just like you check the source of the food you eat, it’s equally as important to check the source of the clothes on your back.

Below are the eco-conscious fashion brands you can find in Egypt:



A well-known brand in the fashion industry, H&M saw the need to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In an effort to be more eco-conscious H&M created their sustainable line ‘H&M Conscious’. Their line carries mostly basics but has a collection of statement piece as well.

Found at all H&M stores Egypt


Stella McCartney

“We are the world’s first and only vegetarian luxury brand. We do not think that any animal should give their life for the sake of fashion.”

Stella McCartney’s is one of the first high-end fashion brands to embrace sustainability and place it’s stance. The brand has always been an advocate of sustainable and animal-free products; which range from sunglasses, shoes, clothes, bags, lingerie and more. For starters, all Stella McCartney stores in UK and powered by wind energy. The choice of sustainable materials used range from organic cotton, to recycled metal and even biodegradable shoe soles.


Found at Ego and Beymen


Adidas X Stella McCartney

Following her eco-conscious stance, Stella McCartney’s collaboration with Adidas does not fall short on that. The collection is 38% sustainable, made with some recyclable, organic and zero waster materials.

Found at Adidas Stores


“Only when creating products with minimal environmental impact, are we able to continue as a successful company. We therefore carefully consider the materials used for our products.”

G-Star Raw as a company acknowledge the need to have sustainable products and use eco-friendly products. Most of their products are made using organic cotton, recycled cotton and recycled polyester.

Found at G-STAW RAW stores Egypt


In 2016, Zara took a step in the right direction by introducing an eco-conscious line to their brand, Join Life. Their collection is made with materials that aim at having little to no impact on the environmental; they use materials like organic cotton and recycled wool.

Found at Zara stores Egypt