My idea of summer vibes will always be Pina Coladas, flamingo floats, and donut towels. Summer is the official season for recharging positive energy, whether we’re talking about weekdays or weekends. But, what if there is another way for us to get the most of summer? What if there are more activities to do? That combines both fun and productivity together?


Here’s a list that offers you a variety of activities to do this summer:



1- Art Classes



Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be an artist to attend that. Personally, I have attended so many courses that I admit I was not fully talented in. Still, I had so much fun attending them, I had so much fun learning bits and pieces of stuff I never thought I would learn anything about. There are so many places in Maadi, Zamalek, and Heliopolis offering a wide range of art classes for you to channel your artistic inner self.



2- Volunteering


Before my very first time visiting an elderly home two years ago, I was really nervous. To be honest, I thought it was going to be heartbreaking. I did not expect to have any kind of fun whatsoever. Well, I sure was wrong! It turned out to be the total opposite. It was both meaningful, and fun. I mean, listening to some beautiful stories coming from these pretty old ladies will definitely purify your soul and clear out your mind.



3- Museum Visits

When sightseeing and history meet, you can smell the fragrance of authenticity in the air. Some of us used to skip museum trips at school, but the good news is, summer might be your opportunity to visit them with your family or friends and right the wrong your kid-self did.



4- Meet Your Athletic Goals (you champ)


Taking care of our bodies is a 4 season job, but I also admit that working out in the summer is so much easier than winter. The weather itself is a motivator for us to move. So let’s come up with an athletic goal that fits us, let’s use the summer energy and invest it in our bodies!



5- Learn A New Language


Researchers stated that learning a new language has a direct impact on your memory, as it improves it in a very noticeable way. So tell me again, what’s better than learning a new language, watching new tv shows, traveling with no fear of having communication problems, and improving your memory? Maybe a day at the beach but wouldn’t you love to travel to your favorite travel destination and be able to speak the language, I think it would.


No pressure though, you don’t need to do all of this stuff, nor half of them even! We are just here to help you find the most suitable activity that fits your personality and make sure that you make your summer as memorable as you can. Have a great summer, everyone. Send this list to your summer buddies and figure out how you can use it to enrich your summer this year.