Everyone wants a Pinterest-esque home, and yet almost no one wants to deal with the hassle it takes to make your home envy-worthy. I like to believe this is why God created people who have innate abilities to visualize how a space can be and bring it to life. Even though we are thankful to God for giving us Interior Designers, half the time we either don’t understand how to hire the right one for the job. Keep on reading if you want to know how you can hire a brilliant interior designer without breaking your bank.
More often than not, the interior designer whose taste we love is actually the same one we can’t afford to hire. Interior designers usually charge to decorate and re-design your home by the meter. Even though prices differ from one person to another and from one space to another depending on how difficult the job is, it can range anything between 300EGP/meter square to 1000EGP/per meter square.

What can an interior designer offer you?

Usually, the interior designer can offer you one of two services. They can completely redesign your home from A-Z, sell you their design so you can give it to your contractor to implement the design. Or you can hire them as the designer and contractor. For the first method, they will be paid just for their design, and that is charged as we said by the meter square. With the second method, they could either take 10% of what everything they buy to build your home as the contractor or they’ll just add their profit in the total of what you’ll pay for the whole job to get done. 

How is Angie Design Atelier is changing the game?

Now scratch all what we just said and brace yourself because now you can actually have a professionally designed place that speaks to your soul and is kind to your bank. We’ve introduced you before to the inspirational interior designer Angie Salama and her work. Now, we’re here to tell you that she’s revolutionizing how people can hire interior designers. She doesn’t just offer the two services we talked about, she’s making all your design dreams come true.

Angie Design Atelier Services

1. The Interior Design Package

This is the package we mentioned earlier where Angie designs your home for you and sells you that design. The design, of course, will include all the mood boards, 3D visual renders, and the technical drawings needed by the contractor.

2. Turn Key Package

This is when you hire Angie as both interior designer and contractor to fit out her design. She’ll take care of everything with her team, from the design phase, furniture styling and fit out. She’ll make sure all your interior design desires go from Pinterest board to reality.

3. Furniture Styling/Shopping Consultant

This is where things get interesting. If you already know how to create the space you want but you have no idea where to start buying the pieces you need to furnish your dream home, this is where Angie steps in. Consulting Angie Design Atelier is a great way for her expertise at getting the perfect pieces your house needs. She could be your shopping consultant. With her know-how, she’ll take you to all the right places so you don’t waste days upon days looking for that perfect rustic lamp. Angie could even style the furniture you need by creating some pieces of her own in her workshop.

4. Consultation/ Space Redesign

For the first time in Egypt, now you can actually have that space you wanted to renovate be professionally redesigned by an interior designer. Instead of winging it yourself using Pinterest pictures you can hire Angie. Let me just say that having a professional design your home is not the same thing as presenting a Pinterest picture to a contractor and expecting them to make it work. 
That’s simply because the contractor will have to readjust the Pinterest source to fit your space. By doing so will most probably screw up the design and it won’t turn out as you imagined. This is why Angie provides this service to anyone wanting to re-design a large space in their home. Whether it is a kitchen, a reception area, your outdoor porch and pool space, or even your master bedroom. Angie will visit your space, create a design with her junior assistants to give you a design your contractor can easily follow to the T.

5. Product/Furniture Design

If you think this interior designer is done with all she can give her clients, you’re wrong. Not only can she help you pick out the furniture you were looking for. But, she can even create it for you from scratch. She has her own workshop with a team of trusted workmen who create furniture pieces that are purely Angie’s design. She can make anything from wardrobes to couches, chairs, light fixtures and so much more.
In the end, you’ll see how designing your home to look like something that came out of a magazine doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny. If you play it smart and hire an interior designer who can give you exactly what you need, you can make magic.