How many of you see the word granola and an automatic bulb lights up in your head saying “HEALTHY”? Yes, it happens to all of us. You probably also ask yourself why you aren’t shedding as much weight as you should be, since you ditched your chocolate bars for the “healthy” granola bars.

There’s nothing quicker or more convenient than grabbing a granola bar to snack on, but that doesn’t mean that it’s your best option. While granola bars can be a healthy snack to add to your diet, the ones you stock up on from the supermarket are probably not the best kind. Most store-bought granola bars are packed with sugar and have so little fibers and protein, making them more candy bars than healthy bars.

Here are five granola bars you can find, that aren’t as healthy as you think they are:

1- Nutrifit


Sugar : 7g
Calories : 150 kcal
Fats : 5g
Serving size (1 bar – 35g)
Ingredients include: NO INGREDIENTS LISTED

The first indicator for this one, no listed ingredients! If you don’t know what’s in your food, it’s safe to assume that you shouldn’t be eating it.

2- Nature Valley


Sugar : 11g
Calories : 190 kcal
Fats : 7g
Serving size (2 bars – 42g)
Ingredients include: sugar, canola oil, brown sugar syrup.

Both the sugar and fat content in this bar are very high, and come from additives not natural ingredients.

3- Eat Natural


Sugar : 15.7g
Calories : 199 kcal
Fats : 10.3g
Serving size (1 bar – 45g)
Ingredients include: sugar and glucose syrup.

The high fat content in this bar is due to the nuts contained, but the high sugar content is due to the added sugars.

4- Special K bars


Sugar : 8g
Calories : 90 kcal
Fats : 2.5g
Serving size (1 bar – 23g)
Ingredients include: sugar, corn syrup, fructose, glycerin and maltodextrin.

This low-calorie bar has been fooling us for a long time; the amount of added sugar in this bar is very high. The long list of ingredients is an indicator of the amount of additives in it, which outweigh any nutritional benefit it could offer.

5- Alpen



Sugar : 10g
Calories : 120 kcal
Fats : 2.9g
Serving size (1 bar – 29g)
Ingredients include: sugar, glucose syrup and sugar.

While the fat content in this bar is relatively lower than the rest, the sugar content and added sugars are still too high.

The names listed in the ingredients are all just different ways of saying sugar. All the bars listed above have a sugar content of around 30 percent of the total bar. Diets high in sugar may lead to excess fat gain, so the bars you’ve been snacking on to help you stay healthy may actually be doing the exact opposite of that!