Calling all Maadians, this article is for you. Maadi is truly a not so hidden Cairo gem. You can go walk your dog (or cat, we don’t discriminate), enjoy an early breakfast with friends and take your coffee in a beautiful outdoor scenery all before Noon. There’s just something about Maadi that makes you feel warm, fuzzy and dare I say it, productive. That’s why we’re giving you the 5 healthy breakfast options you can find next time you’re visiting Maadi (with GPS in hand, I know the directions struggle is real there)



Lucille’s really is a foodie staple to anyone who lives or visits Maadi regularly. From the cozy atmosphere to the amazing food, to the free drink refills, there’s nothing not to love about Lucille’s. Well, expect the long breakfast waiting list on the weekend.

Garden Scramble

Scrambled eggs with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms, topped with choice of cheese. This is served

with your choice of potatoes and choice of bread white, wheat or biscuits. (We suggest the wheat bread)


This cozy almost rustic restaurant will give you all the healthy breakfast feels just by going in. It’s an artisan bakery that doubles as a pizzeria, and if your love for pizza is real, this place will make your love for a good healthy breakfast just as real.

Plain Sunny Side Up Eggs

2 eggs served with lettuce salad, oven baked potatoes, pickles, and brown toast.
Note: I know the picture is not of sunny side eggs but just couldn’t pass on telling you about their free coffee served with breakfast on the weekdays

It’s white cozy interior is going to steal your heart, but it’s the food at Marny’s that’s really going to sweep your tummy off its feet (if that’s a thing).


Eggs Florentine

Smoked salmon and poached eggs on a pancake with dill and hollandaise sauce (that you can ask the waiter to substitute with a healthier option, or just skip it all together)

Osana Whole Food Cafe 

If we already couldn’t get enough of Osana Wellness as it is, they had to go and have a cafe dedicated to clean eating and healthy hearty meals. They even have free portions of baby food that are available for every adult meal purchased, so your baby can eat for free. Not to mention, your older kids will get  to enjoy 50% off for their child-sized meals.

Tofu Scrambles on Toast with Salad

Crumbled tofu fried with herbs and spices, plain or with onions, tomato, and mushroom.


Who would have thought the Beano’s could now be included in a health and wellness publication’s suggestion for healthy food? We’re especially proud of this brand and how it’s providing healthy options. Now you can dine in your favorite restaurant without an inkling of guilt.

Greek Yogurt with Granola and Seasonal Fruits

This dish pretty much explains its self. We love how they’re emphasizing that they use only seasonal fruit because we all know that no good can come from eating watermelons in the winter time for instance. Seasonal fruit is always best.
As always share this with your Maadian friends for the love of healthy breakfast.

In case you don’t live in Maadi, here are 5 healthy breakfast options in: