We’re ending our series of healthy breakfast options with you Zamalek and Mohandeseen. Don’t worry, our “Healthy Options” series is far from ending, we’re heading on to Lunch next week, so make sure to stay tuned for that. In the meantime, if you’re in the Zamalek or Mohandeseen area and want to fill your belly with food that your body will thank you for, here are 5 healthy breakfast options.


Sea Salt Bakery (SSB) – Zamalek

This gluten-free gem is the best thing that happened to Zamalek since, well, I’m not really sure since what, but that’s how good it is! Now you can have a classic Egyptian breakfast in the healthiest way possible. Did we mention it’s yummy and not in a “healthy” kind of way, it really is a must try.

Bashawat Breakfast

Foul with lemon, olive oil and cumin, falafel, tahini with parsley, balady salad, shakshuka (2 eggs with tomato, bell pepper, onion, parsley, and red chili pepper), Shamy gluten-free bread.

Holm – Zamalek

This cozy cafe is one of a kind. A place you can quickly call home and that’s what they intended when they were decorating the restaurant. Upstairs they actually have a bed-like couch, for you to put your feet up, take your shoes off and have breakfast in bed. We recommend going as early as you can so you can enjoy that bed all to yourself!

Smoked salmon sandwich

This yummy sandwich has Avocado, lettuce, smoked salmon with mayo sauce (that you probably can ask to skip)

Miette – Zamalek

This little French-inspired bakery is the epitome of baked goods. The sweet smell of butter and bread will hit you the minute you go through the door, and it will be the reason you never want to leave. The best thing is that their food is just as yummy as their baked goods.

Spanish Omelette:

Your classic Spanish omelet with mushroom on-toast with a side oven baked potatoes and salad.


Beano’s – Mohandeseen

It’s not our first time to mention this great establishment in our “Healthy Options” series and I’m sure it’s not your first time to hear about it. They have a brand new Healthy Menu with so many options. The best part is no matter where you live, you probably have a Beano’s near you.


Eggs, bell peppers, tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, and onions served on brown loaf with grilled potatoes and fresh mushroom.

Karma – Mohandeseen

I feel like every time I write a list of healthy options I have to include a classier place for breakfast, you know for those early mornings out of office meetings. Karma is one of those places. You’ll enjoy a hearty breakfast that will leave you feeling light and ready to take on the world.


Omelet with mushroom, parmesan cheese, and colored pepper.

That’s a wrap!

See what I did there?! I’m not sorry *cheeky smile*

Seriously though, that’s it for the healthy breakfast series. Next week, we’re giving you the first of the “Healthy Lunch Options”. As always share this with all your Zamalek or Mohandeseen residing friends and share the love (for healthy meals).

In case you don’t live in Zamalek or Mohandeseen, here are 5 healthy breakfast options in: