We’re back with our second installment of 5 healthy breakfast series. This time we’re covering the 5 healthiest breakfast options you can find in the 5th settlement. So, if you’ve been craving a hearty good breakfast that satisfies both your soul and your fitness trainer then this is the list for you, (oh and you live in Tagamo3). Check out the rest of our series for Sheikh Zayed residence.

Be Good To You

We love more than this restaurants name (which should be everyone’s motto in our opinion). Be Good To You in New Cairo has some of the best healthy breakfast and lunch option, smoothies, dessert, you name it. Sometimes, you can even mistake their breakfast for dessert which is when you know you’ve won the “Breaky” lottery.

Chocolate Protein Power: Vegan protein, banana, strawberry, almond milk, spinach, raw cacao, peanut butter, homemade granola, dark chocolate chips.


How can we not love a restaurant that literally translates to “Coffee”! Qahwa has great healthy breakfast and lunch options that are for the most part Lebanese inspired. But even if Lebanese cuisine isn’t your taste buds favorite, you’ll still find great choices for you here.
Crunchy Yoghurt: Low-fat yogurt, crunchy granola, and raspberry coulis*
*Coulis is a thin puree made from fruit or vegetables. It’s mostly used as a sauce.



Everyone knows if you want to be transported to Paris (totally said that without pronouncing the S) with the fresh scent of Croissants, bread, and good coffee, Paul is the place to go. Although most of their baked goods are made with delicious amounts of butter, they have quite a few healthy options for us to choose from. We had to go with one of their amazing Tartines*.

L’énergie d’oeuf Avocat (Egg Avo Energy): Sliced boiled eggs, fresh avocado, and cereal seeds. They say it’s not to be missed and we don’t intend to.

*French for a slice of bread. It’s basically an open-faced sandwich.

Sophia’s Garden

A dainty elegant restaurant that gives you all the positive vibes once you enter. There is so much on their menu (or should I say in their Garden) that is healthy delicious and good for you. For breakfast, this is what we chose.

Pomegranate Delight: Greek frozen yogurt with pomegranate and granola. Simple, sweet and to the point.


Casper and Gambini’s

Ever since this wonderful chain opened here in Egypt and we’ve been amazed at their menu. Filled with variety for the health enthusiast and the hearty meal eater. Today we chose a breakfast that will actually satisfy both palettes, way to go TDC! (Self-love is a thing).

Smoked Salmon: Fresh smoked salmon with light cream cheese, crisp lettuce, caper, and lemon on a freshly baked multi-grain baguette. It’s served with a side salad.

As always, share this with your New Cairo buddies who never have anything to say when you ask for healthy breakfast suggestions. Happy eating everyone.

In case you don’t live in New Cairo, here are 5 healthy breakfast options in: