Ever had your body crave a healthy breakfast but it also didn’t want to be the one preparing it? Yeah, we feel you. Most of us want to fuel our bodies with the best food we can find. But, it is really is hard to think when you’re tummy is giving you the rumbles. If that’s the case with you, then you’re in luck. Here are 5 healthy options on the menus of some of Sheikh Zayed’s best restaurants. If you’re not currently residing in Sheikh Zayed, no worries because this is just the first of a series of guides for each major area in Cairo and Giza.



While Ovio’s breakfast menu is especially to die for, most of what’s on that menu can quiet easily trick you to thinking they’re “Super Healthy”. Take their Eggs Florentine for instance. While no two can argue on how scrumptious it is, the Hollandaise sauce it’s topped with is mainly butter. No wonder it tastes heavenly. Instead, you can go for the poached eggs and avocado, which is yummy and on the healthier side of life.

Poached Eggs & Avocado: A Poached egg with mashed avocado on toasted sourdough bread alongside a mixed salad. Talk about yum in your tum.



With their earthy inspired decor and their menu that’s filled with all kinds of plates that are fruit and vegetable heavy, there’s no reason to wonder why it’s a TDC favorite. One of the best things about Eatery is that their menu actually has a “Healthy Corner”. Granted we would have liked it to have more varieties, but it is great non-the less.

Chia Seed Parfait: Greek yogurt, chia seed pudding, homemade granola, and seasonal fruits. What more could you want?!



A quiet elegant bakery with outdoor seating and some of the best baked-goods in Sheikh Zayed. You can’t deny its unique vibe and its even more unique baked goods. It offers a wide range of breakfast menu that is way more than just croissant.

Kapayiou: A Smoked salmon sandwich on a bed of tarama* mouse topped with beetroot leaves, lemon zest and red mizuna**

*Tarama is a yummy pinkish paste made from the roe of certain fish, mixed with olive oil and seasoning.

**Mizuna is a mild mustard green that can be used in salads and sandwiches.

30 North

One of Sheikh Zayed up and coming cafes (if you can call it that really, it’s so much more than that). Some say that it has the best coffee in town, (I personally wouldn’t know, having not drunk java since 2012). But what I do know is how healthy and diverse they make their breakfast, especially their eggs.


Oven Baked Eggs: Two oven baked eggs topped with your choice of two ingredients alongside baked potato wedges and broccoli. Talk about a full meal.


If you live in Egypt then you’ve probably either c0me across this well-known (and well-loved) establishment at least once in your life. I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t know Beanos. I do, however, meet a lot who don’t know that you can have a healthy breakfast in Beanos.


Healthy Granola Parfait: Picture low-fat yogurt with homemade granola, topped with fresh seasonal fruits or dried fruits and honey. Can you say Yum?!




Now you’ll hopefully never be at a loss the next time you’re hankering for a healthy breakfast in Sheikh Zayed. Send this guide to your breaky bestie and go treat your body to a yummy morning meal.


In case you don’t live in Sheikh Zayed here are 5 healthy breakfast options in: