Traveling can be one of the best endeavors your future self will thank you for investing in. However, we tend to focus too much on the many ways traveling benefits our soul and broadens our mind. We forget about all the ways traveling can be stressful for our health and bodies. You may not notice how much your body suffers when traveling, especially on flights. Your body can go through disturbed digestion, dehydration, abdominal bloating, and a disturbed sleep cycle.

Imagine how much more you’ll enjoy your travel adventures when you’re taking care of your body enough to keep it in tip-top shape. That’s why you’re in luck because Lamaan the founder of The Health Incubator is here to give us her best 4 tips and tricks on how she stays healthy and takes care of her body while traveling, especially by plane.


1. Dettol is your best friend

You probably think you’re going to use Dettol wipes just to disinfect your hands and call it a (disinfected) day. If that’s the case we’re here to shock you, as Lamaan shocked us when she told us that airplanes never disinfect their chairs or anything else on the airplane for that matter. Yes! I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in. So, yeah, get that Dettol wipe and go to town on anything you might touch on that plane.


2. Hydrate, hydrate and then hydrate some more

Drinking water should always be on top of any health enthusiasts’ list of good health habits. However, you need to up your game quite a bit when you’re flying on a plane for God knows how many hours. You can not imagine the effect of compressed airplane air has on your body. That’s why Lamaan suggest you bring water with you on the plane and to even elevate your hydration game using a few rosewater drops.


3. Bring your own plane food

Apparently, plane food has to have 30% more Sodium (salt) and sugar to keep it tasting yummy longer at such high altitudes. Shocking I know, because ” I love airplane food” was said by no one ever. They have to do this because our taste buds work differently in different altitudes. It’s totally legal to bring your own home cooked meal on the plane (you could even ask the nice flight attendant to heat it for you). Don’t stop there, you can even bring your own snacks as well. Lamaan usually goes for one or two fruit and some homemade popcorn for her snack options. Do this and say goodbye to post-flight bloatiness.


4. Pack a special in-flight skincare routine

There is a lot that can go wrong with your skin on the plane. The bacteria and the dry compressed air can do a lot of damage leaving you with that unwanted airplane look.

Lamaan’s skincare bag consists of

  1. Vaseline for cuticle and lip therapy
  2. Eye drops to prevent dry eyes
  3. Argan oil for face and neck hydration
  4. Rosewater to prevent puffy and swollen eyes.
  5. Baby Johnsons cologne for a good night sleep and a fresh scent


5. Special footwear or bodywear for any injuries

Something a lot of people tend to not anticipate is the exasperation of previous injuries on airplanes. That’s why you need to consult with your physician before you go on a plane if you’ve had any previous breaks or major body injuries. In Lamaans‘ case, she gets compression socks and boots with her on board to prevent swelling of her prior injury in-flight.


Share this with someone you know is going on a plane soon, or planes to in the future. Make sure to check out the health incubator for more ways to healthify your life.