It’s no longer a surprise to see women embracing their luscious curly hair and getting over the “we all must have sleek straight hair” phase. It’s also no longer a secret that it’s much better and healthier for your hair if you embrace it’s natural state, avoid chemicals and break-up with heat. The trend has been swayed more towards embracing natural products, natural hair and the diverse types of hair that exist.

It’s time to start learning how to take care of your curls; You can start by following these Instagram accounts and get some inspirations!


DevaCurl                                         (@mydevacurl)

Deva Curls is a brand for curly hair products. Their page is filled with tips from many different people on how they take care of their hair, which products to use and the tips and tricks they’ve learned!


Curly Talks                                    (@curlytalks)

Dina Ghalwash shares her tips and tricks for natural curls. Dina shares some home-made natural treatments and masks, as well as sharing her reviews on many brands and the products that are targeted towards curly-hair. This one is a local page!


Unconditioned Roots                      (@unconditionedroots)

Unconditioned Roots is a page dedicated to celebrating natural hair, sharing tips on how to style your curls, how to care for them and many beautiful inspirational curls.

????? Ladies DEEP condition! Your hair will love you for it! @jaazzmary ??? how often do you deep condition? What’s your favourite deep condition treatment? #unconditionedroots ・・・ I finally tried the @edenbodyworks Jojoba Monoi Natural Deep Conditioner and my hair is in looove with it ? I also included how I detangle using the @txturepro Detangling Brush ?? (Detangling on wet hair covered in LOTS of conditioner works the best) For the sake of this video, I only shampooed my hair in the shower (using the @edenbodyworks Jojoba Monoi Shampoo) then hopped out and let my hair air dry so you could see how dry and tangled my hair can get. I like to work in sections, spray it down with water, then apply the deep conditioner and let my hair soak it all up ? What’s some of your favorite deep conditioners? ? Song: Passionfruit Trap Remix Ft. SPVCE ?

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Lynn Kate                           (@lynnkatee)

Lynn Kate shares her own tips and tricks to maintaining beautiful curls, as well as product reviews. Lynn also has a YouTube channel where she shares how she takes care of her hair.

#CURLYHAIRTIP – With most of the products I try and/or use on the daily basis, I don’t section my hair when applying the products. I like to just rake a decent amount of product through my hair. If I section my hair off and try to be very careful trying to get every curl, every stand covered, my hair will get weighted down. I rather have some frizz then super defined curls because I love volume. Others might love that technique though because they don’t like frizz or big hair. So if you don’t like big hair, I suggest to section your hair off and apply product to each section rather than just raking it. Just raking product through or sectioning my hair off in just two sections works for me. I love it. Looks like my hair doesn’t have frizz today (in this pic) because I did put a lot of One Condition in my hair (leave in) and a lot of ultra gel just because I wanted to see how my results came out AND my hair was weighted down. I did apply too much product and sectioned it off that’s why. ?: @colourpopcosmetics in the shade Dopey #colourpopme #hudabeauty

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Chellis Curls                       (@chelliscurls)

Chelliscurls shares various different natural hairstyles for curly hair. As well as product reviews and recommendations.