Pole Fitness has taken Egypt by storm in the past few years. Starting with Egypt’s first ever Pole Dancing Studio, Pole Fit Egypt. However, Egypt wasn’t blessed with the worldwide phenomenon that is Pole Theatre until last year when our very own Mint, founder and CEO of Pole Fit Egypt, was the national organizer for the entire event, she’s the one you thank for bringing this jaw-dropping event to Egypt this year as well.
If you missed it you’re in for a treat because this Spring Break you’ll get the chance to attend a bigger more jaw-dropping Pole Theatre event. The TDC team got to see the very first one and we wanted to share with you 5 things we learned and felt coming out of this genuinely unique experience.

1. There Are Different Categories for Pole Dance

Pole dancing performances can actually be placed in four categories. Pole Art, Pole Comedy, Pole Drama and Pole Classique. Each one sort of explains itself but it was the first time for us to see pole dancing done in any other context than fitness or Classique. It was so great seeing so many talented women express their stories in Pole Art and Drama. And we certainly didn’t expect it when we got a good laugh out of Pole Comedy. The show was a mix of us both awing in admiration of the moves and laughing at the creativity the show was done with.

2. Size Doesn’t Matter

We kid you not, you in no way need to be skinny, fit or even in shape to get on that pole and look incredible! We saw women of all shapes and sizes and they all blew our minds with their grace, their flexibility, and the way they ruled on that pole. Our jaws seriously dropped to the floor seeing some of the moves these women fearlessly made regardless if they had a thigh gap or not. One performance, in particular, was so inspiring by Alaa Fahmy. Don’t get us wrong, we could care less about thigh gaps but if you were someone who thought you could never look sexy, fierce or queen like on the pole because of the number on your scale, you need to see this show. These women will change your world, forever.

3. Age Is Truly but a Number

The same goes for those who think that it’s too late for you to even try getting on the pole because of how old you are. Guess what? Not all of the contests were under 30. Some were even above 40 years old and they were better than some teen contestants! You can go see the show with your daughters and have a great girls night that takes Mother-Daughter bonding to a whole new level.

4. We Can Do it As Well

I’m not even exaggerating when I say I got out of that show feeling like I can conquer the world. It made me see all the insane things our bodies can do, it was exhilarating! I am constantly amazed at how limitless the human body truly is, how it’s our minds that keep us from achieving greatness. Watching women of all shapes, sizes, age, nationalities, race, backgrounds and fitness levels get on the pole and perform in front of a panel of judges and experts just fills you with this rush that lingers long after you’ve seen the show.


5. Watching the Show Is More Fun Than You Think

For all the reason I mentioned and more, you find yourself having so much fun watching one performance after another, wishing they wouldn’t end. The pure energy of the room during the show pulses through you filling you with so much excitement as you root for your favorite performance to win. It’s one of the best shows you could ever attend in Egypt.

So, Where Is This Year’s Pole Theatre?

This year the event is held at Sofitel El Gezirah on Wednesday, May 1st from 5:30 PM. You’ll be seeing performances from many different countries some of which are Middle Eastern. This year it’s even bigger, better and the performances are even in the Semi-Professional category, so be ready to get your pole socks, knee pads and platform heels knocked off.
There will also be beverages and nibbles offered by Sofitel, and professional guest performances by Mint, Leigh Ann Riley, Jypsy Wild and Nathaly Sabalza as well as a Silk performance by Rana.
You’ll see performances from these different countries:
You can register here to attend.