Sabe3 Gar has taken Egypt by storm ever since it started airing on TV a month ago. The series tackles the lives of the different inhabitants of a building in Cairo and the many secrets that lurk behind closed doors. A lot of lessons can be learned beyond the entertaining 30-something minute episode and we thought we’d bring them to light:

Never Allow Life’s Busy Routine and Responsibilities  to Make You Neglect Your Relationship with Your Spouse: 

The spark in Tarek and Noha’s marriage was blighted by their responsibilities as they lost all communication. Their discussions started to solely revolve around the house budget and bills and their children’s schoolwork. Whereas, yes, life can get very tiring with its fast pace and countless responsibilities, married couples need to remember that long-term relationships require work and that they should never be taken for granted.

Your Circumstances Do Not Necessarily Dictate Your Success: 

Despite having an irresponsible father with a criminal record, Hala has managed to become a successful young manager at a reputable company. She managed to grow beyond her father’s background and achieve career success. Whereas our circumstances and backgrounds can shape our personalities, they do not solely decide on whether we will achieve future success or not.

Your Twenties Are For Self-Discovery- It’s Okay to Feel Lost: 

We see Heba, who is 26, applying for several jobs and trying out different posts, but always feeling uncertain. She is on a journey to discover her passion and calling in life. She finally realizes, during an internship at a magazine, that she is passionate about writing and goes the whole nine yards to prove her abilities at work. Our twenties are for experimentation and learning from trial and error. Feeling lost and confused is part of our growth process.

Regardless of Marital Status, Establishing a Career Should Be On Every Woman’s List of Priorities: 

We see a lot of strong female figures in the series who have managed to excel in their careers and secure an income for themselves- some married and some unmarried. We also see how they use this income to build a life for themselves without having to depend on any men in their lives. As the famous saying goes “your career won’t wake up one day and decide to leave you,” so get hustlin’.

Never Settle For a Partner Who Emotionally Abuses You: 

We see two women, from completely different age groups, get emotionally abused by their partners over and over again through the series. May, who is a young architect, has been mistreated and insulted by Ahmed for years and went from being his girlfriend to being his mistress. Laila, who is in her fifties, has been exploited by her unfaithful criminal husband throughout their marriage. As we see these two women suffer, we realize that a form of self-love and self-respect is choosing to stay with partners who treat us right. Settling for less will only lead to being in a dead-end, emotionally draining and unhappy relationship.