Due to the current world situation, we all tend to reduce the number of times we go out and have direct contact with places or people, not only to save ourselves but also to save others. And thanks to living in a country loaded with people thus ideas, innovative startups rise each day, helping us worry less, and making our life easier. 

Here are picked 5 Egyptian startups that were designed and developed to facilitate days like this.  

1. Yodawy 

Don’t worry about calling three different pharmacies to find the medications written on your prescription. Using Yodawy, you can easily search for them and the app automatically finds them in the nearest pharmacies and delivers them to your doorstep.  


2. Mrkt 

It is such a helpful new app that allows you to order from different supermarkets, pharmacies, stationery shops, and much more, offering a new concept for E-Commerce in Egypt. And believe it or not, it has Abu Ouf on the list, yaaay! 


3. Fakahany 

Don’t hesitate to order your fruits and veggies from “Fakahany” app. It gives you the option of buying half a kilo and sometimes a quarter of a kilo too. Not only that, but it also delivers peeled and clean vegetables ready to cook in minutes.  


4. The Second Fit 

It’s time to de-clutter!! How many items did you find out you stopped wearing last time you cleaned up your closet? I bet they are at least 5! What about your kids’ closet? I bet at least 20! The Second Fit can help you sell them online, and guess what, it is completely hassle-free, you wouldn’t need to call or meet strangers, finally! Fill out a simple form on The Second Fit website and they will send you a courier to pick up your unwanted clothes and take care of the rest of the selling process till you receive your cash. Easy, ha?! 


5. Breadfast 

Forgot to buy bread for tomorrow’s breakfast or Sohour? Breadfast got you covered. Order high quality –yet affordable price- bakery through this simple app, and have them delivered to your doorstep. The amazing thing about them is that they always send you promo-codes and amazing offers, and you can even have a free delivery each and every time you order if you are flexible with when you want to receive the order.