From travel to cooking these are all things that we have personally been using, trying, eating and falling in love with! Here are our favorite five picks of this week…

  1. Coconut oil – Divine Coconut

Hair, Teeth, Face, Body, Cooking, … the uses for this aromatic oil are endless! The texture and flavor of Divine’s Coconut Oil have made it a favorite of ours.

  1. Natural Peanut Butter –  Gourmet

This all-natural peanut butter has us eating PB straight out the jar! So natural and so delicious!

  1. Cactus Plant 

This week we got the perfect plant to help us sleep better and bring more oxygen into the room (keep them in your bedroom!)

  1.  Liver Scrubber Cold Pressed Juice – Inseason

The sweet taste of beets combined with the tanginess of ginger make this one delicious juice filled with many vitamins and minerals our body needs.

  1. Dahab

The beautiful scenery, the beach and the sun

This is what an early morning run in #dahab looks like

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