TDC’s Ramadan Crisp Picks of the weeks, from how we like breaking our fast to television shows. Here are our five crisp picks of the week…

Egyptian Hydrofarms 

We visited Hydrofarms, visiting a farm in Ramadan is definitely not like visiting a supermarket while fasting! It can be very helpful to visit while fasting so you can load up on fresh greens for the weekly iftar menus and gatherings.

Mindfulness Meditation at Osana Wellness Center 

The meditation class was very relaxing. It allowed us to connect with our senses and to observe our surroundings through them. Check out Osana’s upcoming meditation sessions for kids here .

Glow’s Soup for Ramadan 

No better way to break your fast than with one of Glow’s fresh, raw, all-natural and super healthy soups!
Choose from three different flavors: Coconut Curry Butternut Squash, Vegan Moroccan Harira or Turmeric Cauliflower Chowder.

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Halawet El Donia Television series

TDC is glad to see Ramadan series being used to raise awareness about such vital issue, like cancer.
Read our interview with Halawet El Donia’s rising star, and real-life cancer survivor, Yasmine Ghaith here

AOS Fitness Classes

Ramadan is not the time to lay off the fitness routine! We love staying on track and attending AOS fitness classes.