From food to facials these are all products that we have personally been using, trying, eating and falling in love with! Here are our favorite five natural products of this week…


 Almond chocolate swirl squaresBaked

Made with all natural products – this is by far our favorite healthy chocolate cake! Hard to believe it doesn’t have any flour, sugar or butter!

 Lip Balm – Nature’s Grace

A combination of all natural ingredients that give your lips a super moist feeling.

Natural Deodorant – Black Lotus

It’s hard to believe that these natural ingredients survived a one-hour workout! Just as good as any store-bought deodorant minus all the toxins and leaves you smelling good and fresh.

Hot Oil Mask – Secrets Of Nature

100% organic ingredients that leave your hair smelling naturally aromatic and feeling super super soft!


This superfood has been a staple in all our main dishes and salads lately. Freek has more benefits than rice & quinoa, is much cheaper and tastes much richer.

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