From Bushy Eyebrows to Laser Hair-Removal, beauty trends come and go with what seems like every season. Some are bizzare and others, like having pink highlights are more tolerable than others. This year, these five beauty trends are still rocking the beauty game, even though some of them have been around for a while! If you’ve been seeing pictures of girls cutting their eyebrows or weird black masks being pulled off, here’s your guide to everything you need to know about the current beauty trends

Eyelash Extensions

Ask a girl what her favorite makeup product is, and more often than not the answer will be mascara! Eyelash extensions are very similar to the hair-extensions you get on your head; individual lashes are attached to your already-existing lashes semi-permanently. The lashes are made from silk, mink or a synthetic material and the length and shape vary greatly based on an individual’s preferences. With proper care, the eyelash extensions can last up to a month without damaging your real eyelashes unless you attempt to pull them out yourself. They should be professionally removed or left to fall out naturally. So instead of adding mascara every morning and removing it every night, you wake up with long, lush, doll eyes every morning – no effort required and no mascara leftovers in the morning!

Process time: 2 hours
Lasts for: 4-6 weeks


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Vaser 4D Sculpting

Vaser 4D is a type of liposuction that uses ultrasound energy to melt fat and remove it using a cannula (thin tube). It is a body sculpting procedure which removes fat as well us define the underlying muscle and help improve proportions. It is not intended to significantly reduce weight, but rather to target fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. Vaser liposuction is less aggressive than other procedures, which means faster recovery as well as minimal bleeding, and better skin retraction. Recovery time varies greatly from one person to the next, but returning to your regular routine is expected within 1 week of the procedure. Side effects of this procedure are the same as with liposuction; pain, bruising, or swelling but on a smaller scale.

Process time: 2 hours
Lasts up to: Long-lasting/permanent

Although rare, other possible side effects typical of any liposuction procedures, include: bleeding, infection, skin burn, under or over liposuctioning an area, injury to internal organs and failure of the skin to retract well.

Photo Credit: River Banks Wellness Clinic
Photo Credit: River Banks Wellness Clinic

Gold Mask

24k gold masks are the latest trend in facial masks. Besides looking like royalty, gold has anti-bacterial properties that are believed to stimulate collagen production, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, and preventing blemishes and acne. The mask also encourages enzyme activity that can help restore damaged skin as well as make your skin brighter and much softer. The mask can be found in either a cream form or as gold leaves. The gold mask can also help increase enzyme activity which helps restore damaged skin cells.


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Pencils, powders, gel, and mascara are all used on brows to create a bushy, arched or straight brow. But sometimes, drawing on or filling in eyebrows everyday really can become a burden. For those looking for a more permanent solution microblading is the answer. Microblading is a form of tattoo where pigment is inserted under the skin with a manual blade, small strokes that look like real hairs are drawn on to get the desired shape or fill in gaps. Numbing cream is used before the process begins, so it is relatively painless and only slight discomfort is felt. After about one month, the healing process is complete and usually a touch up is recommended and then you are left with fresh new brows. As with any type of tattoo, the risks that come with it arise if you find yourself somewhere unprofessional that isn’t using clean single-use blades.

Process time: 2 hours
Lasts for: Up to 3 years


Charcoal Mask

It’s been very mesmerizing watching videos of people pulling off black masks that cling to and remove the blackheads and dead skin on their faces. Purifying Charcoal Masks have been trending on social media due to their intense unclogging properties. As far as safety is concerned, charcoal masks are safe and really do unclog pores, but the removal process is painful and can cause skin irritations. The mask sticks to the outermost layer of skin so when it is pulled off, it removes skin and small hairs as well causing pain similar to that of waxing your face.
You can buy a ready-made charcoal mask or DIY using these three ingredients; activated charcoal + bentonite clay + water

Photo Credit : Health Magazine
Photo Credit : Health Magazine