Valentine’s is upon us, that means you’vee seen red, flowers and heart-shaped gifts everywhere you go. That’s why Azza Fahmy‘s Valentine’s Day campaign is a much-needed breath of fresh air. Azza Fahmy is employing people to take a different approach to Valentine’s Day this year with their “Don’t Define it. Express it” campaign.


The campaign is sending all the right messages, by showing us that  “It’s Not Complicated” (referring to Love of course) and telling you that it’s more than okay to “Be Your Own Valentine”. We here at TDC love that they’re taking a more original take on Valentine’s Day, helping men and women alike to embrace this day of love.


So, to help you see how their handpicked Valentine’s day collection can fit perfectly in your wardrobe, we have Caro Doss, fashion stylist and Brand Ambassador for Azza Fahmy showing you 5 outfits that you can wear with her 5 favorite Azza Fahmy pieces for Valentine’s day.


1- The Funky Formal Look

Just because you’re headed into the office doesn’t mean it’s all blazers and pantsuits! This look gives a funky take on formality with a black leather jacket and chemise. But luckily the We Are One band with champagne, elevates the look and lets everyone know that you’re not all casual and still keeping it sophisticated.

2- The Little Black Dress Look

These calligraphy earrings much like the black dress they’re paired with are like a black dress in your wardrobe. They can be worn daily on different outfits and they will never get old. And if that’s not enough to show their timelessness, these love button earrings are actually engraved with the poetry of renowned poet Gibran Khalil Gibran. The inscription reads: ‘لقد جمعنا الحب فمن يفرقنا’  which translates to ‘Love joined us, who could part us?’

3- The Everyday Look For Him

We’re of the opinion that men shouldn’t be afraid to express their feelings, and wear jewelry. So, because valentines are fast approaching we made sure we included at least one sterling silver necklace for our male readers in the mix. This necklace will add some spice to your casual masculine look.

4- The Evening Laid-back Look

The Silver-T lock necklace compliments your V-neck or décolleté and gives you this feminine look. We recommend you pair this look with neutral or white trainers to really give it a casual laid-back feel. We’re pleasantly surprised to see the classic chain design making a comeback in this necklace. This piece is sure to draw the eyes in not only because of its unique chain but also because it features a memorable quote by poet Ahmed Shawqi that aptly translates to: ‘You may be out of my sight, but you’re all I see’.

5- The Chic twist Look

Here is another instance where the  Gibran Khalil Gibran quote makes it’s appearance this time in the form of a necklace. The Love-T lock necklace pairs great with a casual look and it will give a chic twist because of the gold accents in the chain and pendant. A pair of dark boots will really elevate this look too and add contrast we also think that the We are One band with champagne diamonds complements the tones in this look and give it that subtle pop of color.

Now you know how exceptionally stunning you can be in any of these Azza Fahmy pieces. If you want to see more of this collection head to the Azza Fahmy website to see how they embody the four letter word this season.