We’ve recently been inspired (and a little touched) by Persil’s creative advert showcasing how women and mainly mothers have always been incredibly great encouragers. They’ve always had it in them to encourage their children to do anything from finishing their first plate of food, or just potty training them for the first time.

If you think about it, your mother is the one person who has always without a fail encouraged you from day 1 to accomplish anything you wanted in life, from your first step to your first job interview, and if you’ve ever played sports, your mother was most probably your number 1 fan. In light of our hearts truly being touched by Persil’s emotional advert, we’ve asked people who’ve had an athletic background to tell us all about how their mothers were their number one fan and how their encouraging nature lead them to achieve what they wanted.

Ola Labib, Mother of Lamis Dessouky

“She used to always tell me, if you have a target, you’ll reach it. If you want to be in the first eight (in the competition), you’ll be in the first eight, so don’t focus on just being in the top 3, focus on being the first. And that’s what happened, when I focused on being the first, I ended up being the second swimmer in the Arab Republic of Egypt’s championship. She is the one who made me one of the Master’s teams in Germany now. She pushed me and told me never stop and that’s why I’m planning to go to the World Championship in Korea 2019 (God willing)” – Lamis Dessouky


Nahla Abdelkhalek, Mother of Mahmoud Osama

“I was seven when I first started my Taekwondo journey, and like most mothers do with their children, my mom did everything for me, woke me up for early training lessons, drove me to all my lessons and competitions, but the real support was when I was a bit older. Because Taekwondo is a violent sport, she couldn’t bare come to the competitions to watch. But before every tournament without fail, she would call me, and pray for me to win (and not get hurt) and she’d read me Quran and that would soothe my anxiety before every match, it was truly what centered me and pushed me to win all my medals. I would call her after every match, and if I won, she’d celebrate with me (after like an hour of za3’areet on the phone) by taking us on a trip somewhere or buying me something new. If I lost, she would comfort me in the best ways, and still take me out to have fun and forget about my defeat, because to her, I was never defeated, she always made me feel like I was the best. She was and still is my biggest emotional supporter in life”

-Mahmoud Osama


Amal Mohamed, Mother of Ahmed Aly

“Growing up I was a skinny child, which made me an easy target for bullies to pick on me for my physical appearance, always calling me weak. But whenever I would go to my mother about this, she’d always tell me how strong I am and how much my body doesn’t reflect my actual strength. She enrolled me in Judo lessons and that really changed the way I felt about myself and my body. She went with me to my training lessons and attended all my games for support. She was always there to encourage me to be my best self”

-Ahmed Aly


Hayam El Saady,  Mother of Seba Maged

“I am a sibling of four children, 3 girls, and a boy and we all played sports when we were young. My father was traveling a lot growing up so it was my mother who did everything for us. She took us to our practices (gymnastics, swimming, and Karate). At one point, the four of us were playing Karate, each at different training hours and she would attend them all with us, waiting till we all finished to take us home, give us a shower, feed us and put us to bed to start the cycle all over again the next day. It wasn’t easy doing all of this for 4 kids on her own but she never made us feel like we were a burden, she would focus on every detail, always encouraging us with words “You can do this, you’re so strong, I’m proud of you no matter what”, everything to even the hairstyle she’d give me before my competition so I’d look bomb defeating my opponents! She’s the best supporter I could have ever asked for”

-Seba Maged


Amany Hassan Mother of Youmna AbuRas

“My dad wasn’t living with us back then so I remember how hard my mum worked on her own career, picked us up from school and took both my brother and I to different training lessons. Because of how tiny I was, I used to get tired and frustrated easily which lead to several in-training tantrums. I remember my mum sticking out through every session making sure we had a chat about how I felt. I might not be an athlete now and I also might have been the most indecisive child when it came to a sport (I tried swimming, karate, horse riding, tennis, gymnastics), but I’m thankful for the experience and for all she did to support what I said I wanted back then”

-Youmna AbuRas


Omaima Kholeif, Mother of Hanaa Fouad

“She always wanted me to learn to do everything she never had the chance to learn. Like swim or ride a bike, or play so many different sports. She always wanted me to be better than herself and that kind of love you can’t find anywhere except in a mother’s heart. “You are a genius, and you can literally do anything”, were (and still are) her words to me whenever I wasn’t sure of myself. She used to ride an underground metro, then a train with me just so we can go to my first swimming lesson. She went with me to my tennis lessons, my volleyball practice, my swimming competitions, and my horseback riding training, she made me believe I can do anything, never doubting me even when I fail. That kind of encouragement is what makes me get up in the morning”

-Hanaa Fouad


There is just something about children thinking their mothers are just saying those words of encouragement because they have to because they are their mothers. But only when you grow older, you realize it’s because she knows you better than anyone ever will and that’s why she can say all those great things so confidently, Mother knows best. Thank you, Persil for helping us all see just how important our mother’s encouragement meant to us in our journey to success.