5 Places In Cairo That Serve Coffee With Almond Milk

Calling all coffee-lovers who are on a plant-based diet, lactose-intolerant, on a dairy-free diet or who simply want an alternative to dairy milk in their coffee, here are 5 places in Cairo where you can enjoy your coffee with equally creamy, nutritious and tasty almond milk
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There’s a new coffee trend taking over the health scene in Cairo. Almond Milk Lattes. Just a couple of years ago, dairy milk was the only option for having a good cup of coffee outside your house. But now as awareness of non-dairy milk continues to spread, a few spots all over Cairo have adopted almond milk as an alternative. If you’re anywhere in the city, chances are one of these shops is nearby and you can stop by to get your latte fix!

Osana Wellness Center Café

Located in Maadi, this little gem offers almond milk lattes, along side their wholesome menu which changes on a daily basis.

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Be Good To You 

Egypt’s first healthy restaurant, located in Kattameya Heights, offers almond milk lattes. You can enjoy it at their venue, or have it to-go!


Beano’s Café

Located all over Cairo, you can find Beano’s in Nasr City, Maadi, Zamalek, 6th of October, Sheikh Zayed, Downtown, and El Tagamoa El Khames. All you have to do is ask for whichever coffee you choose to be made with almond milk!

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Lychee make their own almond milk which can be used in their smoothies and oatmeals. They also sell almond milk in 1 liter bottles. You can find Lychee in Zamalek, Maadi, El Tagamoa El Khames and Nasr City.

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Raw Republic

Although not regularly made, you can occasionally find almond milk at raw republic and ask for it to be added to your coffee! Tip: They also have homemade coconut milk if you’re looking for dairy-alternatives. 

Photo Credit : Raw Republic

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