We all love a juicy burger, and going plant based doesn’t mean you have to completely give up on such a favorite form of indulgence. In fact, these burgers don’t have to be treated as an indulgence or kept only for cheat days they’re so good (for you)! These substitutes to traditional minced meat burgers will nourish your body  with wholesome foods, and satisfy your cravings. Be sure to be creative with toppings, that’s where all the fun and added flavor are after all!

Beetroot Burger

beetroot burgerMore colorful and flavorful than regular burgers, these beetroot burgers will be a hit with the kids and adults alike. This recipe actually calls for the basic ingredients of beetroot, brown rice and chickpeas, so if you’re already plant based they can be whipped up pretty quickly. Pair them with some tahini and you’ve got the perfect plant based Egyptian style burger combo.

Quinoa, Lentil, and Mushroom Burgers

quinoa mushroom lentil burgerThese plant based burgers are even more protein-packed than meat burgers, not to mention they are also hearty and satisfying. Find the recipe here.

Chickpea Burgers

chickpea burger recipeIf you are fan of a little spice in your food, then this recipe is for you. These chickpea burgers are full of bold flavors and nourishing ingredients, perfectly crunchy on the outside and tenderly juicy in the middle.

Portobello Mushroom Burger

portobello mushroom burgerWhip up these Portobello mushroom burgers next time you need a quick burger fix. All the cooking that is required is marinating and grilling your mushrooms and voila, you got yourself a meat-free burger alternative. Find the recipe here.

Black Bean Burgers

black bean burgersAll you need is a food processor, six ingredients, and you are ready to make these simply delicious black bean burgers. You can also use lettuce instead of burger buns if you want an ultra low-carb, but equally satisfying, meal. Find the recipe here.

So, which one will you try out for your next burger dinner?