When we put our mind to something, we all start off strong, but somewhere along the way something happens that demotivates us, makes us lose our vision and ultimately abandon it. We’re here to tell you why this happens and how to fix it. You can apply this article to any situation you find yourself giving up in; a healthy eating plan, quitting a bad habit, a work aspiration, or a lifelong mission.

1. Unrealistic Goals
They say “The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach”. If you have no or unrealistic goals you will find yourself not working towards anything, or even worse, working towards something that is near impossible to achieve. So, by all means dream big but make sure you set realistic short and long term goals that you can smash to keep you motivated.

2. Too Extreme from the Start
There’s a reason why you should take everything in life one step at a time. If you are going from smoking 2 packs a day to none overnight there’s a very high chance of you not being able to follow through with your plan. Instead, try smoking 5 cigarettes less each day instead of shocking your body. Once you get used to this you can make bigger and more radical changes and so on. Remember, change does not happen overnight.

3. Not Accurately Identifying Challenges and Limitations
Whatever the goal is, there will always be some barriers you reach on your way, and you are much more likely to keep at your goals if you know said barriers beforehand and know how to tackle them properly. So, if your main challenge to weight loss is late-night snacking make sure you clean out your kitchen cupboards and fridge from any junk before you start. That way, you have combated your challenges before they even happen. Remember, as long as you’re living, you never really reach a final destination because each day brings new obstacles to overcome. Accepting this, and learning to deal with it is key to success is every aspect of your life.

4. Taking Shortcuts
That fat burning pill won’t help you reach your goal, nor will cheating your way through that finals exam. Shortcuts don’t work long-term and as much as we all want a fast and easy solution, success is only earned the hard way. Plus, victory tastes much sweeter when it comes after hardship and learning lessons through struggles are what prepare us for future problem solving and success.

5. Not Correctly Monitoring Progress
The only thing that will motivate you to keep going is seeing progress, so making sure you have the correct progress monitors is vital. We previously discussed that the scales are not a right progress marker for health, and similarly your bank account balance is not a measure of how successful you are career-wise.

Apply the points above to your short and long term goals and watch how your commitment to them stays high! What are your tips for staying on track and avoiding defeat? Share with us below!