I’ve been practicing Pilates religiously now for almost two years. And not once have I been bored. It is the perfect workout program – it keeps inspiring and challenging you to bring out the best in you, helping you create the lean body you’ve always wanted. It gives you peace of mind and most importantly makes you feel confident and empowered. Here are a few reasons why you should definitely give Pilates a go:

  1. Alignment

The original name for Pilates is contrology – being in control of your body and learning to focus your efforts with precision, engaging specific muscles required for the exercise without overworking the others. This is know as the “Economy Of Movement.” This concept forces you to use both sides of the body symmetrically. Therefore, unlike other workout programs, with Pilates you achieve total body alignment.

  1. Centering

When you feel comfortable and confident in your body, your mind and soul can’t help but follow. Pilates is all about getting involved in the process – the here and the now. It teaches you to focus on the present rather than on the future as it is a very controlled activity. Integrating this concept into your daily life will teach you to live in the moment. You’ll learn to never stress yourself out about what the future may bring because not only is your body taking part in the process, but your mind is too.

  1. Peace Of Mind

Pilates exercises help your body release endorphins reducing stress and aiding in better sleep cycles. As mentioned above, Pilates teaches you how to focus on the here and the now. You find your peace of mind in today’s hectic world by developing the ability to quiet your mind, focusing your attention on the present, dismissing any distractions that come your way. This type of workout lets you reap all the benefits of meditation without actually sitting still and feeling like you are wasting your time. Pilates forces you to concentrate your attention on one thing – your body.

  1. The Definition Of Empowerment

Pilates can make you feel incredibly empowered and confident. This is due to the fact that all of your hard work is reflected by the changes you see in your body. While exercise cannot change genetics or lengthen bones literally, physically Pilates can help build your best posture. It is important to understand that there is no better way to maximize your height than to work on your posture. Pilates requires that you stand tall and move with grace. This is vital in helping the body defy gravity, relieving compression in both the spine and the hips. Revealing the full amount of space you have available in your spine and hip joints further increases you stature. Even if the increase is just millimeters, the effect is highly beneficial and you will walk taller. Plus, you’ll be feeling great. And when you feel great, you look great!

  1. Cross-Training

Pilates does not only keep the muscles in your body aligned, but it also develops mind-body awareness. This is because all movements are executed with precision. This helps participants become more aware of their bodies, improve their coordination, balance and accuracy. This translates into efficiency of movement, less effort and greater power in whichever sport you are participating in. You will become more aware of what muscle it is that you are trying to work for each specific movement wherever you may go be it inside or outside the Pilates studio. One also must understand that with the development of a strong, lean Pilates body, you will be able to protect your joints. As we grow older, the synovial fluid, which protects our joints, begins to diminish and this may cause friction between bones and causing pain in those places. Pilates helps in keeping the muscles surrounding the joints strong taking the burden off them while exercising, and hence decreasing friction and any associated pain.