Do you wake up feeling drained from energy and in need of more sleep? Or maybe you feel you need that cup of double espresso shot  just to get out of bed despite sleeping early?

If you are the person who caffeine to you has become a necessity to feel energized,  painkillers are the only way to get rid of your  headaches, and laxatives are another daily part of your diet to loosen up the constipation then keep reading.

Many of us suffer from headaches multiple times a week.  We reach for that painkiller without thinking of the source of that headache.  That’s the way it has been for so long that we started to believe that this is the norm.

You might be blaming it on your age, your genes, or even your stressful job, but this isn’t normal and this isn’t how you are supposed to live. We don’t need to suffer from these minor ailments every day that debilitates us and interferes with our joy of life.  We should be able to function daily and be there for our loved ones.

We can take our lives back by taking responsibility of our own health and nutrition, or else days will just keep getting longer and life even harder. Health coaches are a new necessity in our stressed out hectic lives.  Needing them is new but using them is increasingly more and more essential. A health coach will help your life in drastic ways and guide you in making the right nutrition choices that will improve your health once and for all. There are so many tricks and tips that can release your inner power to wellness and optimum energy.

Here are the top five reasons you need a health coach in your life today:

1- Weight Loss

Health coaches are hired most of the time by people who want to lose weight. However you get so much more than losing weight. You will discover the main reason why you are gaining weight and you will achieve your goals with the support and guidance of a coach all along the way. That feeling of loneliness you get while you’re on a fad diet will not exist because you have your coach to lean on plus you will lose the kilos and never gain it back again.

2- Relieve Health issues

A health coach may discover issues you have that you may not be aware of that can be easily fixed. I had a client who talked about her premenstrual mood swings and pains thinking they can never be fixed. A month into our program, I asked her about these symptoms she realised they surprisingly disappeared!

3- Improve Habits

A Health coach helps you discover which habits you need to change and how to do it easily. A coach will gently push you in the right direction. As adults we no longer have that parental like supervision on our every action. Daily habits in the end are what make us ill. Its not what you do occasionally that ails us, its what you do on a daily basis that counts.

4- Getting Support and Setting Goals to be achieved

At every stage of our life we need some one to tell all to and lean on even if it’s for an hour a week. Not every one has that safe environment where they can spill all the beans. Health coaches are trained to listen and help you set and achieve goals.

5- Getting educated

The nutritional information you get from a health coach can give you a better life. Yes, it’s true! Health coaches are exposed to integrative nutritional and holistic information and practices that enhance and improve your quality of life.


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